Copying vinyl to PC

  algernonymous 20:50 18 Sep 2006

I'm trying to copy vinyl to my PC using a record player. I'm using the same output I used to use to connect to a cassette player but there is no signal showing on the PC. Any advice?

  alex22 21:00 18 Sep 2006


  amonra 21:43 18 Sep 2006

Are you trying to connect the turntable directly to the computer ? In which case the input is too weak, you must use an equalized preamp to be successful. Maplins do a suitable preamp.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:43 18 Sep 2006

phono pre amplifier - the signal from a turntable is much lower than other line sources (CD, tape etc).

  rodriguez 21:51 18 Sep 2006

If it's a component hi-fi system, you can plug the turntable into the amp then plug the amp into the line in socket using the Rec-out socket that the tape deck would normally plug into. If it's just a turntable on it's own then you'll need a preamp as the output is lower on vinyl. The tonearm on the deck is effectivly just a microphone with a needle on the end and if you take one apart you'll notice that it normally connects straight to the cables that come out the back and go to the amp. However some newer turntables have a built in preamp and if yours does, it could be a bad connection.

  algernonymous 17:17 19 Sep 2006

It's not a component hi-fi, it's an old record player that's been in the loft for years (although it is mains powered- not a wind-up handle) with the amp built-in. The only sockets on it are L and R speakers, tuner input and tape output, the latter one I used to use to tape to cassette. Would this signal not be amplified?

  Flak999 17:54 19 Sep 2006

Or, you could use one of these! click here seema like quite a neat solution.

  Wak 19:15 19 Sep 2006

I'm sure you can use the Tape output socket as I'm sure it will have the same output power as the normal headphone socket.
If you have Nero and Nero wave Editor on your computer then click here
Hope this helps.

  roger45 19:40 19 Sep 2006

You shouldn`t need a pre-amp,just connect the tape output to line in on your p.c.and check the line in properties by clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray.
ps make sure the old record player still works!

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