Copying Video Tapes to DVD's via computer

  haricot 12:54 30 Mar 2009

I need to copy some Video Tapes to DVD's.

Has any one heard or better still, USED one of these "Advanced Video Grabber" type gizmo's recently advertised in the press?

These are little Modules in the middle of a cable that has VCR connectors at one end and a computer connector at the other.

  Ma6ician 13:19 30 Mar 2009

Hi take a look at this link > click here
I use their Prism video converter,Express Burner,and DJ software and what's more its free! as is the Video to DVD copying software.If you look down the page there is the OPTION to purchase the USB copy link, but either way the software is free. Ma6ician.

Have you got a TV card in.If so plug the ariel socket from the vid into and tune tv cardto vid.Then record using card software.

  haricot 13:53 30 Mar 2009

Thanks Ma6ician , I appreciate your help.
The only problem is and being very new at this lark, I am not sure if I have done it right.
I now have "Debut Video Capture" AND Golden Video's !!!!

Why have I got two and which one does what?

Which one do I need please?

By the way , I see that I have to purchase a Video Grabber. That site gives an American source and I would rather get one from the UK.

Have you any suggestions for a good quality but inexpensive UK one ?

Horsethief: I'm afraid you've lost me. I'm not a technophobe and I'm having trouble understanding what you said let alone doing it!! sorry.

  Ma6ician 14:10 30 Mar 2009

The software you need is the Golden Videos!!.If you also installed Debut (I also have this) it is a FREE capture software that allows you to save video files from a source such as your web cam.It doesnt't download automatically so you must have chosen it as an optional extra..Its no problem as its completely free to use without restrictions.As I said before the "Video link/grabber" is an additional EXTRA should you wish to purchase,it's NOT a condition.You can purchas a UK sourced lead.Just try a Google search.And to answer for Horsethief, if you don't understand what they have said then it seems obvious that you don't have a tv card installed(Check your PC Specs if unsure).Otherwise go with the free software and source a cheap lead/grabber.Ma6ician :-)

  haricot 14:20 30 Mar 2009

Thanks again for coming back. You're a good lad.

So am I right in thinking then, that I do not need the Video Grabber Lead thingy to transfer video's to DVD's.... and that the software that you have recommended, and which I have downloaded ie the Golden Video's, will do the complete job with just that Software/

Sorry to be appear such a dumbo.

  haricot 14:24 30 Mar 2009

Still trying to work this one out.

How then can I use the Video Tape (to copy from) without the Grabber Thingy?

  Stuartli 14:34 30 Mar 2009

I presume this is the type of device you mention (often offered on TV shopping channels):

click here

If you live near a Netto:

click here

  Stuartli 14:37 30 Mar 2009

One by Lindy, of cables fame:

click here

  MAJ 14:40 30 Mar 2009

You'll still need the lead, soyabean, Ma6ician has pointed you to some free software to use with whichever lead you decide to buy although your lead will probably come with some basic software as well.

  Ma6ician 15:10 30 Mar 2009

Hi,as I said in my original post, the lead is an OPTION, and also in follow on post, to "source" a lead via Google or whatever.What you have downloaded is the FREE software, you still need a physical link from the video player to PC.I see that others have given you links to possible lead/grabbers. As MAJ says, most hardware like this will come with some basic software anyway.If you don't need the free software no harm done, just read through and decide which best suits your needs, OR seems the EASIEST to use for you.. Ma6ician :-)

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