Copying Video to DVD via computer

  yelyah 01:51 08 Feb 2004

Please help can anyone tell me the easiest way to do this, and what equipment I will need for this, and hopefully where to buy it from..

Many thanx


  SirGalahad2004 01:53 08 Feb 2004

hi kim

dont know much about hat myself , but i can recomend this site to find out what you need to know click here... hope it helps you

  SirGalahad2004 02:01 08 Feb 2004

just looked into it a little for you . you will need connection cables from your video recorder to you pc . thne you will nedd to capture the image . try TMPEG-ENC AND TMPEGDVD-AUTHOR from
click here

  SirGalahad2004 02:10 08 Feb 2004

sorry about the typos . but it is 2 am sunday . lol hick

  lightfeet 07:37 08 Feb 2004


I presume you want to copy VHS tapes or any other analogue tapes to DVD. I recently posted a similar query click here
You need something to convert the analogue signal from the tape to digital & I have found the JVC GR-D70 camcorder which you can purchase for about £400 or less, excellent for this. (No doubt there are other camcorders that will do the same job but you need to check that it will accept analogue input with digital output). Assuming you have the correct output connections on your VCR it is connected to the camcorder via the supplied 3.5 mini plug to RCA plug & using a firewire lead, which you have to purchase, the camcorder is connected to your PC. You then record the VHS tape contents on to the camcorder tape which you subsequently copy to your PC. After this SirGalahad2004 suggestions for copying to the DVD can be followed

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