Copying several files, same name to floppy

  CR93Pete 19:34 23 Nov 2007

I am trying to create a F6 disc to use at Windows Startup to repair XP Home. I need to be able to copy several files from the motherboard disc to floppy and feed into machine at start. I have tried to copy but, it won't let me copy them to A: , keeps replacing the first one. I notice that there is subtle spelling differences in the filenames. I suspect this part of the answer to this problem. The motherboard is Gigabyte GA-7n400Pro 2, Revsion 1. The files which are RAID related (5 in all ) are all marked txtsetup.oem or similar and are in relation to the Nvidia chip on the board. I suspect this is dis allowing the installation of drivers for the ATI AGP card installed. I have had the problem with this home grown PC for a fortnight now. It has been going downhill for a while and I suspect that the registry was corrupted. sfc /scannow was tried unsucessfully and eventually got the repair to run. First off it couldn't recognise the CD-ROM drive and by accident I discovered that the DVD drive would work with the slipstreamed disc made with picking up the info from your forum.! I have got it to run a couple of times and now I am sure if I can get it to read the floppy with the files on I should have it working properly. All the other files asked for I have eventually sourced. In the info from Nvidia it says use "-x" when copying, don't know what they mean ? Some advice would be great.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 23 Nov 2007

If you download the nLite application from click here and then run it, you will see, after initially clicking 'Next' and specifying the source for you Windows XP installation, and option to 'Integrate Drivers'. You can then use this to 'slipstream' the drivers for your SATA/RAID controller into the actual Windows installation, meaning that Windows will instinctually use them without complaint, and without asking you for them. Note that you will need to copy the contents of your Windows installation CD to your hard drive before using the above method, as well as the drivers for your SATA/RAID controller. i strongly recommend you use the latest driver from your motherboard chipset manufacturer, and NOT those that came with the board, as these will be newer and will have had fixes integrated into them to resolve any faults/problems. This is particularly importnat in the case that you have a VIA chipset on your motherboard.

nLite will automatically, once you've pointed it to the SATA/RAID drivers, detect them as TEXTMODE drivers. This simply means that they're used in the initial part of Setup, and before anything gets copied to the hard drive - after all, one needs a drive to be present before you can copy files to it! You can just go ahead, click OK, then 'Next' and 'yes' to apply the changes.

After this is done, and nLite has done its thing, you will need to convert the folder where you copied the Windows installation CD files to into a bootable ISO. Don't worry, nlite can do this, simply go back into the application and select 'Make Bootable ISO' and follow the instructions there. You can then burn this ISO to CD and use it to install Windows as normal.

I know this is a rather basic guide to doing the slipstreaming, but more information on using nLite can be found on their website click here and on their forum.

  woodchip 20:17 23 Nov 2007

You cannot do it unless they are in different Folders. They must all have a different name be 1,2,3,4,5,6, and so on after the name

  CR93Pete 20:13 27 Nov 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat/\0/\ & Woodchip for your helpfull sugesstions. Sorry that I have been so long in getting back to you, but new grandson just happened to arrive.!!I am trying to perform the Nlite trick and have downloaded most of the update XPfiles I need. Didn't realise how many there were. In the meantime I tried something different, with sucess, as I have to use my old "work PC" to do the downloading. I remembered that prior to the troubles I had the ATI emblem showing double in the tray on the right. Although it went away, It set me wondering if the graphics card was the culprit. I refitted the original Gainward one which used to be there and it booted up with the original Autostream disc. I also had to use the DVD as well when using the last known configuration. I have now updated and re-installed AVG& Zonealarm. Trying to update windows but have hit problems. It has downloaded Windows Genuine Advantage Tool (KB892130 ) but it has had several attempts at installing and has failed every time. I would like to sort it out, any suggestions.? I have taken steps to return the ATI card under warrantee and will replace it with another similar shortly, in the meantime I can manage with the Gainward. Incidentaly when it restored in the setup with the old card in, it did not ask for the files as before so I am sure the ATI one was defective. Should I create a new post for this enquiry.?
Thanks for your help guys, I was certainly struggling before. I find the helproom enquiry system fantastic, as most of my problems I can solve there.

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