Copying a Screen Saver

  Sugaralan 16:58 23 Nov 2004

I am using an XP Professional OS and have a Screen Saver called Fish (entitled Sachs Marine Aquarium - this is really good). I would like to copy and save this Screen Saver to put onto a new computer I am hoping to acquire but with an OS Home Edition.Is it possible to copy and save a Screen Saver to do this in any way? I am not the sharpest knife in the box so would appreciate a simple explanation if this is possible. Thanks in anticipation of any help you can give.


  Sir Radfordin 17:02 23 Nov 2004

Screen savers are normaly *.scr so you could do a search for *.scr (Windows Key + F) and you may find the one you are looking for.

  Diemmess 17:39 23 Nov 2004

assuming you have no trouble finding the screen saver you want (follow the first posting), copy it to something e.g. a Floppy and then when the great day comes, do a search on the new machine for the same type of files - type -*.scr .........this will show you a list of similar files already there. Notice in which folder they have been found.

Now open My Computer and look for that same folder..........
Check that there are others there with the scr tag, and then copy and paste your precious file to that folder. Then you should find it easily when you look for alternative screen savers the usual way. I don't think there will be any difference for this between the versions of XP

  Sugaralan 20:41 23 Nov 2004

Copying a Screen Saver request by Sugaralan.

Thank you for all your help. Have found the Screen Saver. Now all I need to do is to place it in the Screen Savers folder on the new computer, when I get it - I hope!

The Screen Saver in question is worth looking at. It is not available on the default Screen Savers Home Edition.

Thanks again. If I need help I will get back to you.

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