Copying pictures off the internet

  fazer 17:05 28 Feb 2003

Can someone please help me with this small but irritating problem ..........

Have very recently upgraded to XP from Windows 98 and am running Office Pro. I've noticed that when I right click on a picture on the internet, choose "copy" and then try to paste in Word, the picture has to be "diassembled" before it can be moved around the page (resizing is possible though). That is, the picture after pasting has one of those boxes around it that has the little solid squares at each corner (not the usual circles when you can move and rotate it etc).
Then of course, when you try and copy 'n paste multiple pictures, Word generates extra pages to accomodate them all - until you dissamble them and they all fly back to one page messing up your text !!

This was'nt happening in win98 - (I could move the picture around straight away). Is this a "default setting" issue or just the way XP works?

Please help as its very irritating for me and the kids trying to do project work.

  Pesala 18:11 28 Feb 2003

No idea if this works, but it might. Otherwise paste into Irfan View, save to disk and import graphic.

  fazer 23:24 28 Feb 2003

Paste into what?

Thanks for the response but saving anything to disk and then having to then re-import it to the document is very long winded and is a longer process than if I "saved as" the graphic as a jpeg (for example) straight off the internet.

I'm really hoping that there is a way that I can set the system like WIN 98 worked and paste graphics (off the clipboard)directly to the document.

Are there any "Microsoft Word" experts out there please?

  Dr Lecter 23:35 28 Feb 2003

I use Irfan view as i had a similar problem. Although my OS is WIN98SE it works a treat.

  MAJ 23:47 28 Feb 2003

Paste in your picture, then right click it and choose "Edit Picture". You should be able to move it and rotate it then.

  Forum Editor 23:55 28 Feb 2003

directly into your document - it's got nothing to do with the operating system.

If you set the image wrapping attributes to 'tight' you'll find that you'll see those little circles and the rotation handle. Is that what you meant?

  fazer 00:29 01 Mar 2003

After pasting the graphic or picture off the internet into word, I do see it. But I have to press the "dissassemble icon" before I can drag it.

Also, until I "dissamble" the picture, the "Edit Picture" option is not highlighted after right-clicking on the graphic.

The problem is, when I help the kids do their project work, we import all the pictures etc (off the internet) in one go. In WIN 98, continual pasting of pictures caused them to "stack" on one another because they were pasted ready to drag around the page. I don't get that option now and was wondering whether I need to set something or is how Word works these days.

  Pesala 06:30 01 Mar 2003

A desktop publishing program like Serif Page Plus will be a lot easier for kids to use than Word.

Pasting graphics, wrapping text around it, rotating graphics and text frames, and especailly page layout are much easier in a DTP program than Word.

  Pesala 06:34 01 Mar 2003

The basic version is ony $85. For reveiws
click here

  Forum Editor 08:21 01 Mar 2003

has access to the 'stack' of clipboard items in tha same way as previous versions, and it will show you the clipboard if you ask it to.

I must say that I tend to agree with Pesala - if you do this kind of work on a regular basis you'll all find it far easier in a DTP application like MS Publisher or Page Plus.

  MAJ 08:46 01 Mar 2003

I agree it's easier in a DTP package. But that still doesn't cure fazer's problem, but the advice is sound nonetheless.

I've noticed the same problem while playing around with Word and when I tried to recreate my solution in the post above, I had the same problem. The only way I can get round it is by copying a picture from the internet, pasting it into Paintshop pro, copying it from PSP, then pasting it into Word. It is then that I can get the "Edit Picture" option I described above. Weird!!!

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