Copying Pictures

  sootey 15:51 24 Jul 2005

I am on Win xp and I send a Pictures on to "My Pictures" on my documents.
But it puts up a copy of the Pictures every time I do it, and it leaves me with a lot of extra Pictures.

Can you please Help.


  Forum Editor 16:08 24 Jul 2005

"it puts up a copy of the Pictures"?

If you save an image to 'My pictures' a file will be created there. There'll only be one file, unless you copy a picture there, in which case there'll be one file in My pictures and one (the original) in the place where you copied from.

Where are you 'sending' these pictures from?

  jack 16:11 24 Jul 2005

You did not say where you are sending pictures from or what commands you are using.

there are 2commands available to you in the desk top file menu
Save and save and Save As
Save simply 'fixes' the image where it is.
Save as - will save a copy of the image to a new location leaving the original where it is.
This is what I think you are doing.
If you look into Edit menu you will see select all
cut or copy.
Using these commands - select all will select all images in that location -Copy will send a copy of the images to a new location[leaving originals in place]
Cut[this is the one I think you need] will send all images to the new location leaving the original location empty.
How ever there is a safety issue

Bear in mind also the save as or copy- thus sending a copy- is also sending a 'lesser' image to the new location because every time a JPEG images is save it is recompressed and loses a little definition.

  Bagsey 18:16 24 Jul 2005

I think that you are copying your photo which will leave the original image where it was. If you want to send it to a new location then right click the image and use the MOVE command. This will move your image from one place to another without leaving the original.

  Bagsey 18:21 24 Jul 2005

Sorry that wasnt very clear. Should have said single click on image and then go to the list of commands to the right of the screen then use the MOVE command. I hope that is a better explanation. :-))

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