copying photos on to CD & the order!!

  Confused! 22:47 14 Jul 2006

Please help! I can copy photos in to My Photos folder. I can select them and rename. I can order them by date taken but why why why when I copy them on to a CD does the order change and appearsto be random. I am not sue how I do it - just go in to My photos and choose copy to CD on from the left hand apne.


  SANTOS7 22:52 14 Jul 2006

click here
this may help...

  Snec 10:33 15 Jul 2006

When you say you rename them.. exactly how?





....... etc ...... is the way to do it, unless anyone says different of course, but it works for me.

It is the prefix to the meaningful name that will sort the order out for you.

  Confused! 22:25 19 Jul 2006

I click the first one and then shift & the last so all the photos are highlighted. I then right click and hit rename. I called the last batch sports day and they were then called sports day 1, sports day 2 etc................

They are in the right order on the CD. When you click slide show the order goes kaput! This is the same on the dvd player attached to the tv. Any suggestions???

  GroupFC 22:39 19 Jul 2006

How kaput does the order go?

I suspect that it is to do with the numbering and may be playing spd 1, then spd 10, spd 11, spd 12 ... and I think that this is because you need them to be numbered 001, 002 ... 010, 011. (I am doing this from memory having seen a similar problem on these pages in the past!. As to how you get the correct numbering I am not at all sure!

  Bagsey 23:53 19 Jul 2006

Try this program. It costs but only a little and it is good.
click here

  Jak_1 00:35 20 Jul 2006

Just a thought but may help. Have your pics in seperate folder according to category and simply give them a numeric title.

Holiday 06 for the folder title and 0001 - whatever for the pics names.

  rodriguez 01:00 20 Jul 2006

Usually when you record a CD the files just get burnt to display in alphabetical order by default. Files aren't stored on disc in any order, they are just a big chunk of data in 0's and 1's and the filenames are stored at the start of the disc and point to the sector where that file is stored. This means that the order of the files can go wrong because the slideshow and DVD player could be looking at the old original order which was determined by the camera when the pictures were taken. Digital cameras save a lot of extra information in EXIF tags in the photos such as the date it was taken, make & model of the camera etc so this can mess up the order.

  hssutton 09:13 20 Jul 2006

Group FC has got it correct, When you batch convert use 001-002 etc, obviously if there are a lot of images start your numbering with 3 zeros or more

  jack 14:04 20 Jul 2006

Good old Windoze has a strange way of ordering multi digit numbers-it does all the ones then all the two
like 1-10-11 through to 19 then 2-20 through to 29
The way out is to use 3 digit numbering - 001-002---010---011 etc.,
Then if you need to move a slide from say 025 to 007- instead of thinking OMG I now have to renumber that lot- don't - simply rename 025 to 07a and it will stay right where you want it.

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