Copying old Outlook messages and contacts

  Yousef 15:05 30 Jan 2005

I was running Outlook as part of Office 2000 on my old PC and have now bought a new machine and want to bring accross all my old contacts, inbox, sent and saved messages etc.

The old PC's hard drive is installed on the new PC as a second drive and has been left intact. I understand that I should have exported the messages etc from the old copy of Outlook before the transfer but is there any way of doing it now, given that the old copy won't run without being re-installed? And would re-installation wipe the saved messages?

Any advice much appreciated,


  The Regster 15:20 30 Jan 2005

There may be other ways of doing it, but I copied the Outlook.pst file on my machine and it copied everything across fine (all this worked in Office XP - and maybe Office 2003 is slightly different, so bear with this).

There is a wizard in Outlook that allows you to import data under the 'File' menu. Select 'Import and Export' wizard, then choose 'Import from another program or file'.

You then need to locate your old Outlook.pst file on your old HDD. It should be in the Windows folder, so use Windows Explorer to do a search for 'outlook.pst' in the Windows folder of the old HDD.

Point the wizard to the file and away you go.

  Yousef 16:04 30 Jan 2005

Thanks for that. It seemed partly successful - I ended up importing two files: outlook.pst and mailbox.pst and these restored the contacts, inbox, sent items and deleted folders. However, a message came up saying that not all items could be copied and the folders I'd created myself (with the most important messages; the ones I'd filed in order to keep, naturally) have not been reappeared.

During the import process, I did see these folders' names appear in the 'copying from' box but something clearly went awry. Is there any hope of recovering these messages?

Thanks again for the help.

  The Regster 16:30 30 Jan 2005

I'm afraid I'm not sure about these folders. Try doing a search for their names on your old HDD (I don't think they have a .pst extension - so just enter their titles into Explorer). If they can be found, just repeat the wizard.

I am sure they will be safe somewhere on the disk, but I don't know where Outlook locates them. There may be others who know about Personal Folders in Outlook - so try a Google search or search the MS Office site for help. Best of luck.

  Yousef 17:40 30 Jan 2005


As it happens, I found all the old messages (unfiled) in the deleted items.

Off I go to sort through 16,000 items. If only I were more organized...

Thanks for your time.

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