copying music tracks

  bendigo 10:49 28 May 2007

I want to prepare a music cd to illustrate a talk. I have no problem copying/burning cds' usually but I have a problem with this project. The cd has 14 numbered tracks. The one I wish to use has a Sonata in 4 movements, I only want to copy the first and third. How can I do this? I am not sure what facilities the cd player used at the venue has in order to accurately select parts of a track which is why I want to copy the individual movements, preferably with a space between if possible. Then to add one track from another cd. Thanks in anticipation.

  jack 12:26 28 May 2007

1st of course CD tracks are only playable on a computer if converted to wav. or mp3- but the I assume you know that- but to get it out of the way.

If you wish to copy straight tracks to play on a normal audio CD player simply put CD in the drive and let Win Media player get to work from here you can copy individual tracks and hold whilst you change disks then continue with the burn routing
Open the 'master' Cd reduce the window to reveal desktop icons highlight the tracks you want- drag them to the CD icon.
ensure you have a blank ready and follow the prompts
All assuming you are Running XP of course.

  eedcam 13:02 28 May 2007

You could use Audacity a freebie click here I'm guessing its one track with which you wish to extract only 2 movements from .Audacity will do this and allow you to tweak if required.Just import the track from the pc not cd and select and the sections you want .Export as a nnew file and burn

  Stuartli 13:40 28 May 2007

If you have Nero, you can assemble tracks from one or more CDs in sequence and then burn them to a CD-R (using Make Audio CD).

You drag and drop the particular track(s) from an individual CD or CDs into the main panel.

Most people use this method to create a compilation of their favourite music tracks.

  bendigo 16:00 28 May 2007

I suppose the correct title should have been 'copying parts of a music track'. Jack and Stuarti thanks for your responses, but I understand how to burn 'tracks'-- Eedcam saw my problem, that is how to burn part of a track. i.e a numbered track which has more then one tune on it. As suggested I downloaded the suggested programme and tried to import the track but it is a windows media file on the pc and Audacity does not recognise it. i tried to convert but got lost in techy stuff beyond me.Not quite sure how to proceed now!!

  cocteau48 18:02 28 May 2007

By default Audacity does not come with mp3 support.
To rectify this
click here

  eedcam 19:28 28 May 2007

Ben can you not rip the track again and save as wave. Also basic Audacity plays mp3 least mines does with no extra bits

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