KEY103 11:39 20 May 2003

I have been downloading music from kazaa onto my pc and then putting them on disc but only singles i have now downloaded an album and it wont fit onto my disc do i need to do anything to make it fit

  King Diamond 11:44 20 May 2003

Some cd burning software allows you to overburn, although it does not recomment it. This allows for extra files to be added to the disc.

How many songs are you burning to disc?

  KEY103 11:50 20 May 2003


  King Diamond 12:03 20 May 2003

I dont have a great knowledge of cd burning, but unless you either get larger discs, then I don't think they will fit on. Even overburn might not stretch that far.

I take it you are using 700mb discs then? If so, you could maybe try 800mb.

Is the disc for playing on a hi-fi or pc?

You can put tons of MP3 files on a disc, but these only play on dvd players, hi-fi and pc's that have the proper coders/decoders to do it.

  KEY103 12:13 20 May 2003


  King Diamond 12:27 20 May 2003

click here

The above is just an example, you may get them cheaper elsewhere if you look around the net.

If you are just putting MP3's on the disc, each MP3 is round about 5-10mb. SO with your 700mb disc you should get plaent on it.

You must be convertingthe mp's to .wav files so that normal hi-fi's can read them. In that case you will probably need larger cd disc capacity.

There may well be software out there that compresses the files in some way, but I do not know of any.

  King Diamond 12:29 20 May 2003

If you are placing MP3 files onto the disc, then do not burn it as a music disc. Burn it as a data disc and it will keep the MP3's intact.

If you select burn a music disc, then the mp3's are converted for hi-fi use and are much bigger.

  babyblue 18:04 09 Jul 2003

copy ok but when i come to play the cd in my cd player it wont work please help what am i doing wrong iam using cd-rw cds

  broggs 18:17 09 Jul 2003

use cdr's.Alot of cd players don't recognise cdrw

  perpetually-perplexed 18:20 09 Jul 2003

i have several cd players and only the more expensive ones will recognise cd-r and rw

  broggs 18:25 09 Jul 2003

How old are your players.Cdrs should work in most cd players.

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