copying mp3's to disc question.

  charlton200 18:54 06 May 2007

I have add some mp3 tracks to a cd/rw and when i went to add more, a box keeps telling me the disc is now closed. In the settings box the box to close the disc is unticked.

I am useing Musicmatch.
Could you tell me please why it keeps telling me that the disc's are now closed. This is the 3rd disc.

many thanks.

  SANTOS7 18:57 06 May 2007

Think you need to make the burning process multi session but i would avoid this and try and burn all your files at once as most standalone players do not like multisession discs...

  charlton200 19:17 06 May 2007

I have reformated the CD/rw disc's and tried to write on them again but it still Say's that disc is closed. I thought they were supposed to be rw disc.s.

Thanks for your help.

  Totally-braindead 19:20 06 May 2007

Try it with a CDR instead of a CDRW and see what happens. It'll only cost one disk to try it.
You do know that most hifis will read CDRs but not CDRW and that CDRW are not as stable as CDRs and corrupt more easily anyway.
Hence I no longer use them.

  SANTOS7 19:22 06 May 2007

Closed CD: If a CD is closed, it is permanently write-protected. No further information can be added to the disc. Closing a CD is analogous to moving the write-protect tab on a floppy disc to the write-protect position. However, unlike floppies, you can only change the write-protect setting on a burned CD once. Once the disc is write-protected (closed), this setting is permanent.

try a diferent disc see what happens

  charlton200 19:28 06 May 2007

you are right, i have been just tried them on my hifi and they do not work, but they work ok on my dvd player and tv where i have been playing them.

Looks like i'll stick to cd/r.

thanks for your help.

  Totally-braindead 21:03 06 May 2007

You can get hifis that will play CDRW but they specifically say this and most won't, and to be honest considering that CDRW aren't as stable as CDRs and that CDRs are so cheap now I just don't consider it worth the bother.
I binned the ones I had some time ago.

  Stuartli 21:44 06 May 2007

Because of the requirements necessary to keep using RW disks, they offer much less surface reflectivity and cannot/may not be able to be read by other optical drives.

Best, as suggested, to use a CD-R or DVD-R in multisession form and add files until the disk is full. You can always copy a completed disk for backup purposes.

One essential point (at least with Nero) is to make sure you Save after each multisession, otherwise some or all of the data cannot/may not be able to be read. Finalise before the last multisession burning.

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