Copying midi songs to cd using Nero

  originalmiscellany 13:17 14 Nov 2004

Is it possible to do this? I don't seem to be able to do this.

If it's not possible, the way round it would be to copy the midi song to tape, but I'd like to use a hi tec solution if possible!

  Peverelli 12:50 18 Nov 2004

A midi file does not contain any music. It has instructions that 'tell' a midi enabled player (midi keyboard, software synth etc.)what to play, so if you want to burn the music to a cd you will have to record the sounds made by the midi player (either to your hard disk or to tape), turn it into a *.wav file and then you can put it on a CD.

Type "tape to CD" in the search box to see other threads about how to record from tape to CD.

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