Copying itunes library btw 2 external hard drives

  julius44 08:06 04 Oct 2009

Hello, and good morning. I currently have my itunes library on a 320Gb external hard for example when i go into itunes music folder location is my I drive which is the external drive, and the keep itunes media folder organized is ticked, and the copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library is also ticked. So these are both fine. I shall be getting a 1tb seagate external hard drive in the next few days, as I wish to transfer my itunes library to this new 1tb external hard drive. I just want a totally painless process as i'm transferring from my 320gb hard drive to the 1tb hard drive. As i said before my itunes library is CURRENTLY stored on my external I drive, and NOT on my pcs hard drive, thanks......any easy help, steps, would be much appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 04 Oct 2009

Use disk management to reassign the Drive letter to your new drive after you have copied everything across.

  julius44 11:01 04 Oct 2009

hi FruitBat....u have totally lost me now. Disk management?? pls explain to me a bit more pls

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 04 Oct 2009

Right click MY computer - Manage - storage - disk management.

right click your drive or partition on the drive - Change letters or paths - change your old drive to something like X then change the new drive to I.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 04 Oct 2009
  julius44 11:18 04 Oct 2009

okay but my os is windows Xp.....i just wanted to confirm that this is actually what is needed just to transfer my itunes library from the 320gb drive to the 1tb drive??? Sorry i'm still a bit lost.....i was assuming that i'd just need to use itunes for this

  john bunyan 13:04 04 Oct 2009

I assume that the iTunes programme is on your C: drive (as is mine) but the library and iTunes music files are on your external I drive at present. Do you have an existing back up for the music?
I would a) Format new 1Tb hard drive to NTFS if not already done. b) plug it in and see what drive letter it has (change it if you want as outlined by Fruit Bat /\0/\ ), also plug in your old extenal drive. Then copy and paste the iTunes music folder including the library from the old to the new drive. Maybe keep the old as a back up?

  julius44 13:12 04 Oct 2009

yes John Bunyan.....the program is on the c drive, but the library is on my external I drive..... So my question is, if and when I purchase my new 1Tb hard i just got to preferences and then to itunes media folder location, and change FROM my current I drive to whatever the new drive will be for instance X drive. Also i cant seem to find the actual itunes music folder on my current I drive, as all the songs are just scattered around on my I i need to know what folder that i'm copying over.....and where its currently located on my I drive(hope i'm making sense!!)

  john bunyan 15:02 04 Oct 2009

I installed i Tunes itself on the C drive,,but all of "My documents" including "my Music" are on another partition - (in my case my F Drive) . In "My music" is the whole of i Tunes (not the actual "Programme files" ) - there is a folder called "i Tunes" This folder has sub folders and files. The tunes are in "i tunes music" folder and the library ( the sort file) is i tunes library.itl. I suggest you open i tunes then go to a tune and right click it and see where it is filed in windows explorer. Or you cold, in windows explorer look for the folder "i tunes music"

  julius44 17:58 04 Oct 2009

Thanks everyone, i think i know what to do know, and i'll now click as resolved, many thanks for all the help

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