Copying huge files to usb flash stick to transfer to a hd-any issues?

  theDarkness 04:00 13 Apr 2008

I have a wedding video on one hard drive i wish to transfer to another pc. Since i had an 8 gig usb stick i thought i would use it instead of a straight burn to disc, but it seems that more often than not it will not transfer and i have to attempt the process with some 1 gig files just so it will copy ok. Is it wise to use usb sticks for large files or do i just have a cheap stick? It seems to work fine with normal files but anything over 300 is sometimes hit or miss (i use photoshop alot). Anyone give out any info on how to solve the problem with large files transferring using my stick? As far as i can remember the stick in fat or fat32 formatted mode makes no difference. I will try and remember the make.. Perhaps i just needed a good brand of stick? using vista which has the videos to transfer to xp using stick..

  theDarkness 04:08 13 Apr 2008

Ps wedding video is so big as its a dvd image on a hard drive i needed to transfer to the other computer, so in total video is over 3 gig with around 4 vob files, 3 of which are over one gig. Since i didnt have any spare discs i thought a transfer to the vista laptop would be easier but my flash just isnt doing the job.. Is this normal with flash sticks having problems with large files? Thanks if anyone knows.. :)

  ICF 08:35 13 Apr 2008

There is a files size limit on fat and fat32.Change the drive structure to NFTS
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  Paul669 09:20 13 Apr 2008

I've read that Vista SP1 allows you to format flash drives as Ex-FAT, which removes the 4GB limit. They can only be read, however, on computers that support this file system.

  theDarkness 11:10 13 Apr 2008

I think both hds are ntfs, and my usb 8gig stick is fat32. Seems odd that there would be such a limit on such a large stick? Ps copying to the stick seems to be the problem, but if there was a limit i was wondering as to why 30% of the time it seemed a single 1 gig file would seemingly successfully transfer? I was copying each of the large vob files to the stick one at a time, and checking them on the hard drive afterwards that i copied them to using vlc player- some would definately run, with the odd vob either not playing at all or skipping after a certain point. Im certain some definately copied ok though from my fat32 stick.. I will try ntfs and see if that really does make a difference though and post the results here, thanks very much

  ex-wirecutter 11:19 13 Apr 2008

Thanks ICF , I have often wondered how to do this .

  theDarkness 11:23 13 Apr 2008

Forgot to ask is the file size limit with fat or fat32 4 gig for a single file as one of you mentioned? If so then i guess it could be a case of just memory problems or a rubbish usb stick since i was only transferring one gig files to the stick one at a time, and not always filling up the stick...?

  theDarkness 12:25 13 Apr 2008

Update-much faster at copying now, but no difference! I think i will avoid copying large files to any flash stick from now on as a safety measure! Googling around some sites state for fat32 its one gig limit, others say four which is strange, but dont mention if there is a difference for hd and flash stick. Previewing vobs in flv im now getting display errors in vista, lol. Never mind, but thanks for the help anyway

  ICF 17:20 13 Apr 2008

So what you saying is they play back ok on your PC from your hard drive but when copied to another computer via the USB memory stick they won't play back.
Or are you playing them back direct from the memory stick.

  theDarkness 17:40 13 Apr 2008

both, i eventually tried playing the vob files directly off the stick to try and find out where the copy error was from. they play fine in their original location on the vista laptop. when copied to the stick and then copied to the xp desktop, large vob files occasionally will either not run at all or skip in certain places, usually near the end of the vob if played or not play at all. This happens on both the stick and final location. since it happens on both and seemingly with the same files, even though they play fine in vista, im thinking it may be a problem with vista rather than the flash stick itself as i have had no problems with other files before using the stick, even though i have not copied such large files before. I have changed the stick to ntfs file system but it is just the same issue that crops up with the same vobs refusing to copy over

  ICF 19:26 14 Apr 2008

It could be a problem with the XP machine.
Have you updated the codecs on this machine?

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