Copying home DVD to MPEG

  Breeze1 21:30 08 Nov 2005


Searched about the forums but most topics similar to this seem to involve actual DVD discs people need to copy for whatever reason! My question is about a home DVD-R recorded on a home Panasonic DVD Recorder.

I have a DVD-R that my Dad has recorded from a family home-video he had on VHS by connacting the VCR to his Panasonic DVD Recorder. The DVD is full of .BUP, .IFO and .VOB files. It plays fine as a DVD thru (eg) Win Media player on my PC.

But, to edit it in Windows Movie Maker it needs to be in a compatible format (eg MPEG). So, my question is, how can I convert the contents of this DVD-R to MPEG so I can import it to Movie Maker?

Many thanks for any suggestions. :)

  the real Ali G 21:43 08 Nov 2005

This piece of free software will do it.
click here

  GroupFC 08:56 09 Nov 2005

From what I have read about MovieMaker, it appears that it does not handle MPEG very well, so you might need to convert to a different format.

  David4637 13:27 09 Nov 2005

Movie Maker is no good for burning to DVD. I use Pinnacle Studio Version 943 to edit and burn to DVD. To input a DVD file (VOB) into Studio change the .VOB to an .MPG. Edit it in Studio, it will then code it back to VOB for burning. It works David

  Breeze1 13:35 09 Nov 2005

Thanks, I'll try something else rather than Movie Maker then once I've converted the .VOB files. I'll try out the link 'Ali G' suggested to convert the .VOB files to .MPG... :)

  David4637 13:44 10 Nov 2005

Please note my reply above, with Studio you don't have to convert a VOB to a MPG, you just change the file extension to .mpg. You will still need a video editting prog, don't see what you will achieve using DVDRipBurn? David

  Breeze1 13:59 10 Nov 2005

Ok, thanks David. You literally mean change the extension. I'll try that. What about the .BUP &.IFO files on the DVD. Can I just ignore these?

  David4637 13:36 11 Nov 2005

Just change the .vob to .mpg, leave the other file extension as they are. Open the first .mpg in studio, then when its "in", open the second .mpg and so on. When you "make a DVD" (burn) your editted work to a new directory, studio will create a new lot .bup, IFO, and vob's so it will play on a DVD player. David

  the real Ali G 22:04 15 Nov 2005

I didn't realise you could just rename a .vob. It really does work!

All this time I've been using software to convert - doh!

One of the best tips I've ever read - thanks.

  De Marcus™ 22:08 15 Nov 2005

.vob is just another word for .mpeg in pc terms. Users should be careful of sound syncing problems though, copy the original to the dektop and rename the copied one, if your having problems with the renamed version, try another method.

  Breeze1 23:45 22 Nov 2005

I renamed the VOB to mpg. Plays fine thru Media player as an mpg. When I import it to Ulead Video Studio it plays with no audio! However when I play the mpg in 'preview' mode in Video Studio it plays tha audio. Strange.

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