Copying HDD contents

  Octoz 12:32 05 Apr 2004

This is probably very basic but:
Is copying a partition using Partition Magic the same as cloning a partition i.e can I boot from the new drive if partition copied rather than cloned?

  STARIE 13:11 05 Apr 2004

Can you not copy the contents from one partition to another through my computer? If you have not created a partition to copy to then do this first getting details of size etc. from the existing partition. Hope this helps.

  Octoz 15:16 05 Apr 2004


  pj123 15:21 05 Apr 2004

Give us some more info on what your PC spec is?

What O/S? memory? hard disks? etc....

  Diemmess 16:05 05 Apr 2004

Copying Windows to a suitable drive will not run on its own because the data copied over doesn't configure properly, nor the registry integrate and adjust its settings.

Windows is "dynamic" and the various things like copying are making changes all the time.

When you make an "Image" in Drive Image or Ghost it is made using DOS while Windows is not loaded.......... This image will not run by itself either. The important thing is that when this "Image" is "Restored" then every byte of the original is put back in the same relationship as the original, so that when windows loads up it finds all the necessary references and settings.

One important thing to realise, is that you can make an image of any partition, and store it on any other partition which has enough room, (just like a large file)........ When you "Restore" that image it will overwrite everything on the target drive. Fine if you wanted it clean,...... disaster if you left something precious there.

  Octoz 12:46 06 Apr 2004

My system is running dual boot 98SE and XP pro (SP1)
One 40GB HDD with 5 partitions no OS
One 123.5GB HDD with 6 partitons and both OS's
512MB memory
PentiumIII 550Mhz

  Diemmess 17:41 06 Apr 2004

It looks like you've lots of scope for "image" files as backups. I have no experience with dual booting, but believe Win98 if installed must be on drive C:

To be worthwhile having up-to-date image files of an O/S be sure that the drive's image includes all the drivers and important apps, even if that means you have to have a separate image of another drive.

Lots of fun to work around and be sure of your efforts, but you certainly have the space and partitions to do that.

  Octoz 14:15 08 Apr 2004

Thanks to all for your help.
Unfortunately I haven't received an answer to the questions as posed but still appreciate those who spare the time to try to help.

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