Copying a Hard Drive

  Buddies 10:34 26 Jan 2004

I want to copy all files, settings,etc.(everything) to my new hard drive that I will using. I have connected both Hard Drives to my machine; he detects and tried "xcopy32.." in DOS but system do not want to copy. One advised me to try Norton Ghost? Is there a faster way in DOS the machine will let me copy the Hard Drive?

  davejo 11:10 26 Jan 2004

When you bought the new drive was there an installation cd with it, if so check to see if there is a program on there to do it.
Some harddrive manufacturers do put programs on their cds to do what you want.

  DieSse 11:37 26 Jan 2004

What OS are you using on the original drive?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:46 26 Jan 2004

Try a prog called xxcopy - google should throw it up for you very quickly.

  SEASHANTY 11:55 26 Jan 2004

All the major drive manufacturers provide a software application for use with new drives. Buying an OEM drive will not give you this drive software but you can download it from the drive mfrs website. In Maxtor's case the software is called Maxblast 3. This can be downloaded to floppy or CD. There is also an additional drive diagnosis application. With
the Maxblast software you can copy one entire drive to the other. Only one drive need be Maxtor. Both Seagate and Western Digital have similar software programmes which can be obtained for free. Using the drive mfrs software saves a lot of hassle.

  davejo 12:00 26 Jan 2004

Another quetion that springs to mind have you formatted the new drive?

  Buddies 12:59 26 Jan 2004

I formatted the new hard drive and partitioned it. My old hard drive is running on Win98. Tell me Seashanty , my new Hard drive is a MAXTOR, while the old one(one I am copying from) may be a Seagate. I will try the mfrs software; but what would the possibility be of it working?
Have also downloaded Image IT1.0 and Norton Ghost.

  Sheila-214876 13:20 26 Jan 2004

If you have both drives installed and recognised and the new drive is partitioned and formatted you should have C: (old drive as Master) and D: (new drive as Slave)

Boot your computer to windows and then go to Start, Run and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: and press enter.

When that has finished, shut down your computer and disconnect your original (C:) drive and make the new drive Master. Check the BIOS and make sure it is detected and reboot.

  SEASHANTY 13:46 26 Jan 2004

Well ennuye has given you details of how to do it using xcopy but had you used the Maxtor software
setup from the start it would have given you a step by step guide with illustrations giving you options
for what you wished to do between the Maxtor drive and the other make of drive - including formatting. It has always worked for me using Windows 98SE and ME. Must admit I haven't had to use it since changing to Aldi supplied Medion PC's but the setup
using Maxblast was fairly straightforward and yes I have used the transfer from Seagate to Maxtor and vice-versa.

  SEASHANTY 13:56 26 Jan 2004

How to install a second hard drive information can also be found on this website
click here

  Buddies 13:56 26 Jan 2004

Thanx for your replies.

Maxtor site is extremely busy - wanted to download Maxtor Software. Will try later.

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