Copying films from Foxsat to PC

  audeal 14:56 01 May 2009

Hi all. I purchased a Humax Foxsat-HDR last week. Expensive, but, what a fantastic piece of equipment it is.

I have been going through the functions available to me and am making good progress with it although the manual can be a bit vague at times. I have been able to record a couple of films which work well but I now want to transfer these films onto my PC for editing and burning onto DVD.

After copying one of the films onto a Pen drive I find three files have been copied, each with a different extension, they are:

hmt which is 5.59KB in size.
nts which is 2.55MB in size. and
ts which is 1.27GB in size.

I need to convert these files to mpeg files so I can edit them and then burn onto DVD.

Can anybody please tell me of a suitable program which will do this conversion. Once converted I can edit them using Ulead Video studio 11.

Many thanks for any help given. Audeal

  Graham. 15:38 01 May 2009

You may find useful information on this forum, you will have to search, but I have seen some good stuff on here click here and here click here

  audeal 15:49 01 May 2009

Thanks Graham. I am going to look through those links.

Are there any persons out there who has been able to transfer a film from the Freesat Recorder to their PC and been able to edit them.

  Stuartli 16:01 01 May 2009
  Graham. 18:13 02 May 2009
  audeal 19:00 02 May 2009

Thank you for your replies. I have been trying to get the programs working that your links refer to but I still can't get "iSKysoft Video Converter" to work. It works up to the point of converting but stops as soon as I click on the convert button. So I am still searching the net for an another converter. Most of them are far to expensive for what they are and I wonder if it is worth spending out such a high price.

If anyone knows of a program that will convert TS files to MPEG2 then I would be very greatful for any information on where to get one from.

Graham's article on HD Upgrades will be usefull in the future, so I will be keeping a copy of that. Thanks Graham.

  eedcam 19:17 02 May 2009

Videoredo TV suite should be able to convert And burn .ts files its not free but the trial version is fully working and excelent for removing adverts and any sound sync probs
click here

  audeal 22:46 02 May 2009

eedcam: Thanks for that link. I downloaded the trial version and it worked fine, but it is quite expensive so I am now going to try the cheaper one which would be about £20 cheaper. I will go for that one if it works ok. Many thanks to you. Audeal.

  eedcam 16:16 03 May 2009

Audeal before you spend your hard earned cash you might like to dabble with this freebie I used to use it dor downloaded tv .ts (transport strema files .It is abit awkward to use at first but soon becomes dead simple there are two links one fro the Freebie and one for the tutorials
click here

click here

  audeal 19:02 03 May 2009

eedcam: Thanks for those links, I am going to look into them now. I am still struggling to find a program which will convert TS files. I just tried "Handbreak" but after it spent two hours converting it to avi and not mpeg I got only the audio, another flop.

If anyone else knows what will convert TS Files to mpeg then please let me know so I can end this frustrating search.


  audeal 13:32 07 May 2009

Thanks to all for your help but nothing I tried would convert the TS files to mpeg and run on my computer. The only program which will do what I want is the program called Video Redo click here. So I will have to purchase this program.

I will now end this thread. Audeal

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