Copying files from hard drive

  matt-few 16:09 22 Aug 2009

My father in laws computer has just stopped working. It won't load XP Pro in either last known configuration or in safe mode. He has some important business docs he wants to me save.

If I put his hard drive in my hdd enclosure, is it likely I will be able to recover the files in his My Docs folder.

Is it also better to just buy a new hard drive and try to recover the files from old hard drive - or to copy the whole of the 'dodgy' drive onto an external hard drive and reformat it to reinstall windows on.

Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 16:19 22 Aug 2009

You might want to try to repair Windows first click here

  woodchip 16:39 22 Aug 2009

To do the above repair you need to have a Full XP Pro CD not a restore CD

  DieSse 17:15 22 Aug 2009

Before you try anything else, it's best to put his drive on your system, and see what it looks like, and copy off his data if possible.

Then at least if you attempt a repair and it goes horribly wrong, you may have saved his work.

  matt-few 08:05 23 Aug 2009

I've tried to copy the files from the hard drive with my hdd enclosure but my father-in-law's machine is not recognising the drive - showing malfunction error. When I reinserted my SATA drive that was already in the enclosure, the laptop sees it straight away.

The old hard drive is only 14 months old, but sounds like the bearings have gone as very noisey. It's a good job we live near a PC World as I bought a replacement drive just in case. If there was no urgency, it would have been bought online!!

Thanks for all your help

  Andsome 08:15 23 Aug 2009

At only fourteen months old I would take it back. Twelve month guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on. The small claims court would rule in your favour.

  Technotiger 08:18 23 Aug 2009

It sounds as if you are trying to copy the files to your father-in-laws 'broken' machine, but the suggestion here is that you put his hard drive into the enclosure and then attach it to your own PC to save the files onto your hard-drive, from where the files can be further manipulated as required.

  matt-few 08:35 23 Aug 2009

The broken PATA drive is from my father in law's desktop (Boot HDD). I've taken it out of his machine and connected it using my USB HDD enclosure to his laptop. I do need to check his slave D drive just to check that one hasn't gone too!!!

The laptop doesn't recognise the boot drive as says USB error / malfunction. But when I connect my own SATA drive that was in the enclosure, the laptop sees it straight away.

Not expecting much luck from PCW if I take back the hdd after 14 months, even though I agree the drive should last longer.

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