Copying files to CD

  eivets 19:22 02 Jan 2004

Hi all,

I have a file in which i want to copy onto a CD. The file is 738mb in size and wont copy on to a CD as it is to big.

I know this might be a daft question but is there anyway in which i can get file onto a 703Mb CD??

Thanks for any suggestions.


  leo49 19:32 02 Jan 2004

What sort of file is it? Data you could zip or better still[greater compression] rar.

  matt1234 19:34 02 Jan 2004


you will need to have this on the other computer that will open it if the computers are not running xp not running

heres the website click here
(oh by the way dont need to pay for it)

or you could do this
right click on the folder and click send to click compressed and it will do what winzip will do (make it smaller) but youl need xp on the pc to do this and open it

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