Copying a file name

  Dark Knight 20:26 27 Jan 2005

Hi There

I was wondering if there was a way to copy a file name. I need to put a load of file names into a text document. Rather than writing them out again is there any simple way of just copying the name.

Currently I right click on the file - click rename - copy then paste. I feel there must be a quicker way.

In addition to this is there an easy way of copying the names of the files within a folder in one swoop?

  johnnyrocker 20:27 27 Jan 2005

would edit select all be of any use?


  Dark Knight 20:33 27 Jan 2005

That copies all the files.. I only want the names of the files....

Apologies if I am missing something!

  britto 20:39 27 Jan 2005

click here

directory printer should do it

  Dark Knight 20:44 27 Jan 2005

Looks good for the copying directory thing. Thanks Britto

Any ideas how I can do it for the odd file. i.e. pick and copy the name of a single file in a directory.

  beeuuem 21:01 27 Jan 2005

This click here will allow you to print out/ save to file allthe files in a folder/ directory.

  Dark Knight 21:04 27 Jan 2005


Britto gave me the same link.. Not tried it yet but looks like what I need.

I was still hoping someone would have a suggestion regarding the single file name copying. before I tick the little green box.

  BRYNIT 13:17 28 Jan 2005

Try PowerDesk 5 Free Trial click here no support with this free trial. when you use powerdesk you click on the drive, files, folders, and highlighted the programs you require using control or shift keys. Go to edit/copy as text, go to the program you require the list and paste.

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