Copying File Directories, but not actual files.

  nebuchan 14:20 12 Jul 2007

I am trying to back up lots of data from a shared drive onto an External Hard Drive.

The important data has already been put into zip files by another user, and the rest of the data is not required.

I need to have these zip files in identical folders and paths as is on the shared drive.

Is there anyway i can just copy the folders, with their paths, but without any data in them (so they would be blank, so i can insert the zip files in)


  Rigga 16:08 12 Jul 2007

If you have the .net framework installed I can write you an application to do it.

Let me know.


  Rigga 16:48 12 Jul 2007

Thought it would be quite useful so went ahead and wrote it anyway.

> click here <


  Rigga 20:58 16 Jul 2007

I've removed it from that link for now.

In anyone does want it then let me know.


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