Copying file from CD to HDD using command prompt

  Cogent1 22:18 17 May 2006

I've created a distributable CD which includes documents and a screensaver, using a CD menu program. I want users to be able to download the screensaver to their system32 folder by clicking a command button on the menu interface. I thought that by activating a simple batch file it would provide the answer. But how do I identify the drive letter of the CD/DVD that the CD has been put into? And can I use CURRENTDIR to identify the drive that the user boots from? I'm out of my depth.....

Any command-line wizards out there? Prize: a free CD!

  DieSse 23:36 17 May 2006

If you run the batch file from the CD drive itself, and don't specify a drive - it will assume the drive letter the batch file is actually being run from. You will only need to specify the directory the file is in. If you place the file in the same directory as the batch file, you will only need to supply the filename. A one line command should do it.

  phono 00:24 18 May 2006

Bookmarked for future reference.

  Cogent1 17:09 18 May 2006

The hallmark of the novice is that in his ignorance, he tries to complicate something that turns out to be childishly simple...

My skinny little batch file reads:

Copy albany.scr %windir%/system32

and it works fine. The screensaver and the batch file are in the same directory on the CD.

Thanks DieSse!

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