Copying favorites folder onto CD with XP

  sarah01 21:29 18 Jan 2003
  sarah01 21:29 18 Jan 2003

Hi there.
I have recently got an acer laptop with XP installed. I can copy my pictures folder (plus contents of course), onto a blank CD, using the copy to CD facility in XP. However, when I try to do the same with my favorites folder, I seem to be able to copy once, but if I do it again (after adding more to my favorites list), Xp won't comply. I get the 'send report box thing'. With my pictures, I can add to my CD any amount of times without difficulty. Does anyone know why this is?
It's not like it's a big problem, just anoying really.

Cheers. Sarah.

  Gaz 25 02:55 19 Jan 2003

It works fine on my system.

Odd, so you are tying to copy yuor favorites folder.


Copying the Favorites contents into another folder named anythibg you like and the copy the folder you named anything you like into the CD copier area.

Hope this helps.

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