Copying to external hard drive

  D_emby 18:08 10 Jun 2014

Hi Can I copy files from my (very) old PC running windows xp to an external HD like seagate 500? Do I need any software or additional cables? If USB 3 is specified, can I still download with USB 2 link. Any advice welcomed

  hastelloy 18:20 10 Jun 2014

Just drag & drop or copy & paste. No need for any additional software or cables USB 2 or 3 is fine.

  wee eddie 19:08 10 Jun 2014

Just plug the HD into the USB Socket. Obviously USB, USB2 & USB3 vary considerably in speed.

It is worth trying this: Right click a File/Folder > Look for "Send To" in the box that opens > it should have an arrow on its right < hover your pointer over it and see if the HD is Itemised, it should be > Click it and off the file will go. It's a quicker version of "Copy & Paste".

The thing to do is to have a practice with a couple of unimportant pictures first > Just to see how it works!

  D_emby 20:31 10 Jun 2014

Thank you marvin42 and wee eddie. I'll get an HD tomorrow. I have ticked both your replies but only one has turned green. Hope that you are both credited with helpful reply

  iscanut 21:27 10 Jun 2014

As marvin42 says, easy to drag and drop. When you instal the HD, it will be allocated a drive letter. Just open that drive's window and then you can create new folders, drag files/folders from their location on your C: drive to the new drive. If you need more help, get back to us.

  uesquebeathus 20:59 11 Jun 2014

Hi, You can buy Hard Drives in Caddy's which will protect them better than uncovered and bare drives which will be showing all the solder connections etc. The Caddy can often have built in Cooler fans, which can keep the running temperature down, Do not bang, drop, knock, bump, the hard drive as they can be damaged easily, handle with care.USB 1 ,2 3, advances are all compatible and should system can achieve older board will run USB 1 and 2 but USB 3 Harddrives will be running at a possible maximum of USB 2 if the BIOS is set at Legacy Compatibility, Hard drive size a 320Gb or a 500Gb,may e able to use and run out of the box straight away. Its very possible a 1Tb or larger Drive you may find that you will have to partition the drive into smaller areas for the Computer to accept and the System see each Partition, this can be a bit dangerous for uninitiated and not advisable.

  iscanut 19:32 12 Jun 2014

I think D_emby is talking about an external USB drive rather than a bare HD.

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