copying DVDs

  Rickrod 05:41 07 Dec 2009

Hi everyone hope someone can help.

I have a small publishing company that I run from home and amongst other things I supply Informational DVDs to my customers. Short runs at Duplication companies cost a small fortune so I thought that it would be a good idea to produce my own small runs (I'm licenced to do this).
I'm running XP on my laptop and have a Seagate 1TB external Hard drive to store my DVDs, some of these DVDs are in sets of 4 to 16 and average 90 minutes long so lots of storeage needed. I also have an LG External DVD rewriter and the latest version of Nero9.

Here's the problem:
1. I can save the DVD sets to the Hard drive but can't seem to copy them to my DVD rewriter going thru Nero9.

2. When I check the folder that a particular DVD has been saved to there appears to be at least a dozen files there! When I recheck these files at a later date some of them have changed to MPEG files seemingly on their own!

3. No matter what USB port I use the External Hard drive is (G) and the DVD Rewriter is (F), even when I switch the cables around.

4. With both External Hard drive and Rewriter plugged-in when I try a transfer I get a message telling me that the USB port with the Rewriter is "not found".

5. When I was installing Nero9 I was asked to connect a USB Booster, I thought this was part of the Nero9 package, any ideas?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks, Rickrod.

  eedcam 08:29 07 Dec 2009

Sonds as if you are saving as aVideo_ts foldr which should be ok but cant see how they have changed .Yo uwould be better using Imgburn which is free and ripping as an .Iso image .Just a case of clicking on create image file from disc and /or write image file to disc. Make sure you go down to the second Block/paragraph on th download page.Its better suited for this than Nero
click here

  chub_tor 09:45 07 Dec 2009

eedcam is correct in that you need to save your files in iso format which Nero 9(according to their online manual) is quite capable of doing so you don't need any other program. It's probably just a case od selecting the required format before you burn.

  sharpamat 10:00 07 Dec 2009

I do the same sort of thing. However I use Cyberlink Power Producer.
Once the rendering and production is finished I save the File to my external drive and it is then ready to reproduce another DVD when required

  AL47 10:06 07 Dec 2009

i use imgburn, so simmple and its very popular [and free]

i do it slightly different, i save to a folder and let imgburn construct an image from that

its a very capable program

  Rickrod 03:32 08 Dec 2009

Thanks Guys for the prompt replies to my enquiry about copying DVDs.

I don't mean to be picky but which version of "imgburn" would you all recommend as there seems to be quite a few?

Many thanks and I'll let you know how I get on, I'm sure you have all put me in the right direction.


  eedcam 09:56 08 Dec 2009

Version 2.5.0
ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 Released! Sunday 26th July 2009

This none its first in the block.

  Rickrod 05:55 11 Dec 2009

Hi everyone,
many, many, many thanks to you all.

With your help I am now able to duplicate DVDs using "imgburn" and without "Nero9" which was actually a pain to use and was interfering with other things on my laptop. I've removed it and just used "imgburn" on it's own.
One thing though... the "burn" operation takes only 3 minutes but the "verify" operation takes about 13 minutes! My understanding of the "verify" operation is that it is checking that the "burn" operation has been successful, is that correct? Does anyone know of a way to speed-up the "verify" operation and is it really necessary?

Once again my thanks to you all,

  eedcam 09:22 11 Dec 2009

Hi glad you are sorted I never use Verify on Imgburn and burn on average 2 dvd's a week without making a coaster.Within reason if it created the Iso ok it will burn ok .Caveat you may get problem with some brands of disc so stick with waht you know works

  Rickrod 16:34 11 Dec 2009

Thanks eedcam,
I appreciate your comments about the "verify" operation. You say that you burn about 2 DVDs a week, I'll probably burn about 20 DVDs a week so I might do a random "verify" just to make sure everything's OK.

Many thanks again,

  eedcam 18:41 11 Dec 2009

Ok appreciate that but is that 20 of the same Iso

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