Copying DVD-R (NTSC Format) to PAL

  BlackSapphire 14:06 04 Oct 2007

Does anyone know how I can copy a DVD-R which was recorded in America (not a retail disc but straight from US Television for me) to our system (PAL). I've tried using my computer and also my DVD recorder/player - on the latter when I try to copy it says cannot copy disc as the source and destination do not match. I'm not a techie so have no idea how to make these machines talk to each other - does anyone know how (or even if this can be done?)

Thanks so much.

  Totally-braindead 14:13 04 Oct 2007

The simplest method is to do it from a standalone DVD player to a standalone DVD recorder using the SCART leads. You just press play on the player and record on the recorder when you have it set to record the input from the player on the SCART.

But the player must be multiregion for this to work. If it isn't it and is locked to PAL then it wouldn't be able to read it.

A lot of players and recorders can be made multiregion and its worth a look to see if theres a region free hack for it. As an example my Liteon DVD recorder can be made multiregion like this click here

If you have a look on the web for your DVD player you might find it can easily be made region free. Alternatively pop round some of your mates houses with the dvd and see if any of them can play it. If one of them can then either borrow their machine or take your standalone DVD recorder round with a SCART lead and set it up and record it.

  BlackSapphire 14:15 04 Oct 2007

I should have mentioned that my player is region free and I have 2 disc drives on the computer too, one is region 1 and the other region 2 but I still can't copy.

  ambra4 14:20 04 Oct 2007

Try this program

click here

  Stoneywood 14:23 04 Oct 2007

I guess some of the Hard Drive/DVD Drive could read your disc.
Copy to HD, then burn a DVD in any allowed format??

  BlackSapphire 14:46 04 Oct 2007

It won't do anything with the disc, that was the first method I tried and because it won't read the data, only play it I have had to ask the question of those more enlightedned than I am heh he

  Stoneywood 15:04 04 Oct 2007

I should have said - "I guess some of the Hard Drive/DVD Drive RECORDERS could read your disc.
Copy to HD, then burn a DVD in any allowed format??"
Sorry to try your patience

  jimv7 16:12 04 Oct 2007
  BlackSapphire 16:29 04 Oct 2007

Hi guys,

No-one is trying my patience, don't be daft - I'm grateful for any help. Just purchased the winAVI software and it won't work for me. I get an error message saying 'Access violation at address 00000000 read of address 00000000.' I've emailed them but have no idea why it won't copy, it says it can copy anything.

  100andthirty 16:43 04 Oct 2007

I suspect you might have a quite different problem.

Will this play back at all on a DVD player?

Can you look at the contents of the disc in Windows Explorer?

If not, I suspect you might not have finalised the disc when you recorded it.

If it will play back then try copying in analoge from one DVD player to a DVD or HD recorder.

hope this helps

  BlackSapphire 16:57 04 Oct 2007

I haven't copied the disc - that's where the problem lies, it was a disc recorded for me in America and therefore NTSC and I'm trying to make a copy here. My other emails give a better picture but suffice to say, my DVD recorder (region free) won't copy it and neither will any of my software. Just bought a product recommended to me and that won't record it either.

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