COPYING A DVD - PC doesnt recognise it

  RKMonty 16:48 01 Jan 2008

I have created a DVD - RW of tv programmes from a Panasonic DVD recorder. They payback ok on my DVD players. However when I put the DVD into my DVD drive on my pc the DVD is not recognised ?? ( I have a separate external pc DVD writer that I want to use to write to another DVD. ) Am I doing something wrong that doesn't allow my pc the recognise the DVD ??

  MCE2K5 16:52 01 Jan 2008

Try Finalising the DVD on the Panasonic DVD recorder.

or, your external pc DVD writer doesn't recognise DVD + RW's.

  lofty29 17:38 01 Jan 2008

Hi Had the same problem only way in which I could solve it was by running it through a programme such as windvd creator, as you cannot finalise rw discs as such. hope this helps

  RKMonty 17:53 01 Jan 2008

Hi Lofty29 I understand what your saying.... where can I get Windvd creator ??

  RKMonty 17:55 01 Jan 2008

or is there a 'Free' similar software to finalise DVD - RW discs ??

  eedcam 18:10 01 Jan 2008

What you mean Lofty you cant finalize RW's of course you can. Monty As said Finalize
Be prepared also for Panasonics crap of not carrying the widescreen flag
Happy New Year David

  MCE2K5 18:58 01 Jan 2008

Happy New Year John.

  lofty29 19:13 01 Jan 2008

sorry eedcam worded badly, what I meant was that some pc will not recognise some dvd recorder dvdrw as being finalised as opposed to dvdr. I got my windvd with one of my drives.I do quite a lot of tv recording via a digibox hooked up to my pc then burn to disc Anyway happy new year to you both

  eedcam 19:20 01 Jan 2008

No prob lofty thats perfectly true most dvd recorders warn discs may not be playable on other players.But it is one of the many variables in the pot and happy new year to you and better not keave Monty out Ha

  Totally-braindead 19:43 01 Jan 2008

Not wanting to muddy the waters here but you mention Panasonic.
Is this DVD perhaps a DVD RAM disk, I notice you said it was a DVDRW but if its a RAM disk then many DVD writers can't read them.
Just a thought.

  lofty29 21:22 01 Jan 2008

Hi TotalBraindead, thats true, one of my neighbours has a panasonic, and it will only write to DVDRAm, He asked me a couple of times to transfer to dvdr so that he could keep recordings, and although I have multidvd drives, they are a pig to convert from ram to r, sometimes have to run them through a couple of different programmes. the happy new year was to all

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