Copying DVD to DVD?

  will1 19:41 09 Nov 2005


Whats the best software to copy a shop bought DVD to a recordable DVD?


  User-312386 19:44 09 Nov 2005

erm that is illegal

  Totally-braindead 19:47 09 Nov 2005

If its a copyright DVD then its illegal and will be copy protected, if its not protected then various software will do it including Nero. Its differcult to say which one is best.

  pj123 20:34 09 Nov 2005

Unless it's your own creation it will almost certainly have a copyright, so whether it is copy protected or not it is still illegal to make copies.

  mkelly22 20:35 09 Nov 2005

the best is dvdxcopy platinum but it has also been made illegal!

  Skills 21:33 09 Nov 2005

Telling someone how to get round copy protection is against this forums policy and i do think you need to check your attitude, theres no need for you to use that sort of language at ALL.

People help out on these forums on there own free time.

Yes the software you asking about is out there but again you cant be told about it here as it is against the law.

  pj123 21:34 09 Nov 2005

I assume that will1 is now an ex member!

  Skills 21:38 09 Nov 2005


  will1 21:40 09 Nov 2005

Sorry guys!

Can I have a second chance. I realise that people have been extremely helpful on this website and generally give really good advice!

I will refrain from bad language and work on my attitude!

Apology accepted?

  Carbonara 21:43 09 Nov 2005

Petulous, infantile swearing is unacceptable - this thread needs deleting.

  Carbonara 21:52 09 Nov 2005

Careful, your immaturity is showing!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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