copying a DVD to a CD-R

  daisy2bell 09:53 10 Apr 2003

I am trying to copy (Burn) a DVD to a CD-R
I am usind a CD-R 80
It won't copy and says that the file being copied are to large for the CD-R
Any suggestions please.
I can't copy to DVD-R as I don't have a DVD burner

  TimC 10:25 10 Apr 2003

You can't do it!

80 min CD-Rs hold 700MB of data - a DVD 4.3GB (I think). It's a case of the old you can't get a quart into a pint pot, I'm afraid.

You would have to convert the DVD to a format that will fit onto a CD, main choices being VCD, SVCD, XVCD and DivX - all take a long time and a lot of processing and you will lose quality and features, unless you convert it to multiple files spread across a number of CD-Rs - to play on a DVD player you would need to use VCD or SVCD if your player supports them.

click here for help on tools, instructions and format compatibility with DVD players.

  €dstow 10:35 10 Apr 2003

I'm amazed that you think you can do this.

Why do you think the DVD was developed?


  MartinT-B 10:52 10 Apr 2003

A standard 700MB (80 min) can hold up to 30mins of MPEG.

The 80 mins refers to audio.

  woody147 12:13 10 Apr 2003

have you tried copying your DVD to a floppy disk instead...just a thought


  MichelleC 13:03 10 Apr 2003

The dvd file/s is probably avi (uncompressed). You need to compress it to mpeg 1,2,3,4. You can usually get away with 1 without quality being compromised too much. If you want 2 then there's a copyright for this plugin as it's not free. The link you've been given has all the info you need.

BTW I think Nero has a utility to convert avi to mpeg 1 (vcd).

  stlucia 13:19 10 Apr 2003

C'mon guys! Daisy2bell may be a complete novice, and may never come back to the forum if we ridicule him/her.

  crx16 13:29 10 Apr 2003

michelleC i dont know where you get the idea that DVD files are AVI or uncompressed???

you can get 80 minutes of VCD on a CD,so with apart from losing some quality,why is everyone saying the idea is daft

even recording to DVD you have to sometimes use 2 discs.

  rickf 13:38 10 Apr 2003

Just get the right software to compress the format and you'll be able to copy to cdrs. You might need two discs for a movie.

  €dstow 14:17 10 Apr 2003

The fact remains, whatever is said to the contrary above, that you cannot copy a DVD to a CD without some involved manipulation of the data before the copy is made. Even after doing that there is necessarily a deterioration in quality of the copied information due to the compression necessary to stuff the data into the much reduced space available.

If it were possible to copy a DVD to a CD there would never have been any demand for the DVD format to be developed, which is what I said in the first place. There is no ridicule in that, purely a statement of what the situation is.


  crx16 14:31 10 Apr 2003

it is possible to copy a DVD to VCD,and as VCD is supposed to be VHS quality,it seems obvious project for people to try.

there bringing out blue laser DVD's soon that have about 25GB+ for better quality video.(you'll be telling us not to record to the old DVD's)

what do you think VCD was invented for anyway,it was good enough before DVDvideo hit the market.

its obvious some work has to be done to get from DVD to VCD,and it can be time consuming,and the results aren't great,and you may have to use 2 discs.but if anyone wants to do it here a site that explains it click here

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