Copying a drive with XP to a larger one.

  timerep 12:10 12 Apr 2004

I have tried to clone a drive with xp on it and although it seems to work and everything comes over the new drive will not fully boot you get the screen just prior to the welcome one that supposed to say windows is starting up and thats as far as it will go. I have tried everything from erasing and formatting the new drive from within xp as a slave to using the western digital drive copy utility disc and the same thing keeps on happening.The helpfull lads at microsoft said why not do a fresh installation on the new drive I wouldnt be trying to copy if I'd have done that can any one advise what to do to make the new drive work

  mrdsgs 12:35 12 Apr 2004

i'm afraid it won't work

i had a similar problem and was informed that disk cloning is prevented by xp as part of product activation.

in effect, cloning means "copying" a licensed and activated operating sytem to another disk.

With your cloned drive you could then fit it to another similar/identical pc and you would have got round the one license per machine legal requirement.

That is why xp is designed to check the unique id of your hard drive each time you start and if its diffrent, it won't start.

I tried to use norton ghost and the same thing happened.

As the nice people at microsoft told you, reinstall is the only option !

  Mikè 12:55 12 Apr 2004

Drive cloning will work with xp, product activation is not an issue. What cloning software are you using?

mrdsgs I have just installed a new hdd, and using Ghost 2002 have had my new C drive up and running from a hard drive image no problem.

  Eric10 13:04 12 Apr 2004

I've also recreated WinXP from an image, both with Ghost 2003 and with Acronis TrueImage. Maybe the problem is that you are trying to clone the drive whereas both Mikè and myself have created an image of the drive/partition and recreated from that.

  pj123 13:47 12 Apr 2004

xxclone should work. get it from click here

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