copying digital photo's onto cd-rw disc

  corry 10:55 03 Jul 2003

I am trying to copy my digtal photo's onto a cd-rw disc but when I try to do this Nero does not read the disc and asks me to enter a disc. But my cd drive recognises music cds and programme discs Help!

  MichelleC 11:00 03 Jul 2003

If the disc was originally burned by another prog Nero may by sulky. Try copying via explorer.

  corry 11:04 03 Jul 2003

Thanks MichelleC but these are brand new disc just taken out of the packet.

  BurrWalnut 11:28 03 Jul 2003

I don't use Nero but you may need to format it first.

  Mango Grummit 11:42 03 Jul 2003

When you say "Nero" is this a bought version or one that came with your CDrw drive?

Depending on your reply I may be able to help you, but not after 1200 hrs as I have to be 100 miles away by 3pm.

  Confab 12:26 03 Jul 2003

If your using NERO and want to drag and drop the pics onto a CDRW thn you will need to format the CDRW first using INCD (its part of nero.

Be very careful of using CDRW's though. They are very prone to errors and quite often will become unreadable with no obvious reason/notice.

Make sure you back up to CDR and bur at a slow speed if you need to keep the data safe.

  nigelq 22:26 03 Jul 2003

why even try, cdrw is so unreliable, over the past 5 years i`ve lost count of the number of times my cdrw has corrupted and locked up my pc, with good quality cdr`s costing 17p each why not just load sessions, and discard when full or store, cdrs are ao much more reliable, i have tried nero and adaptec and find adaptec more user-friendly i agree with confab, cdrs best burnt slowly especially music cds which tend to jump in a car player if burned over 12x

  Qmar 23:47 03 Jul 2003

do a forum search for this phrase for in body "Qmar - a reply" .. or see click here

  billyliv 00:19 04 Jul 2003

Hi, I have to agree with nigelqs' post. CD/RWs' are a pain in the thingybob. I have ditched all of mine and now stick with CD/Rs. Cheers, Bill

  Stuartli 09:10 04 Jul 2003

CD-RW disks do not have the reflectivity ability of CD-R disks, hence the difficulty sometimes in them being read by a drive.

The best bet is to use a good quality CD-R in multisession mode until it is full and then sign it off.

  graham√ 09:17 04 Jul 2003

Corry, can you confirm you are trying to use CD-RW (Re-Writable) discs, not CD-R (Recordable) discs? Is there a program on your PC for recording, besides Nero? For example, my hp PC has 'Record Now', which copies my photos OK.

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