Copying Data from a Laptop Hard Drive

  KW2K 22:27 16 Sep 2004

Hi All,
What would be the best way to copy some data from a Laptop IDE Hard Drive (The small one - 3.5") to a normal IDE Hard Drive ? I just dropped my Laptop and it has cracked the motherboard, Grrrr, So I will not be getting it fixed, instead I will buy a new one. Problem is, I need to get some data copied from the laptop HD to another source. I wondered if I could "Slave" it into my PC as it has a spare IDE connection on the IDE cable. But I'm sure the connection on the laptop HD is a smaller IDE connection than the one on my normal size Hard Drive. Anyone with any ideas how this could be done ?

Thanks !

  Diodorus Siculus 22:30 16 Sep 2004

You can get a caddy into which you can put the laptop disk and then copy via USB.

There are also some ide cables which connect / convert for you.

  KW2K 22:41 16 Sep 2004

Thanks Guy's for the advice ! Just found several web sites that sell 2.5" to 3.5" IDE Cables, just what I need !

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