Copying Data From A DVD Crashes Explorer

  calluminmk 21:44 08 Oct 2006

Hey guys :)
I recently got my new computer, a nice HP with plenty of RAM and a DVD Writer..
I have Nero both on my PC and on the Shared Laptop at my dads house. I decided to move all of my word, videos, data to my new PC and burt a normal Nero 1 session DVD.
Got it here, put it in the DVD drive and eveything seems fine, I open up the Disc and drag the files to the Desktop so i can sort the files out, but then it just goes all terribly wrong and the pc has a "Blergh, I is ded, Destructive System Crash", moment.

First, the copying freezes and the GIF of the data moving stops. then it stops responding, so I close the copy dialogue. this then comes up with the "explorer.exe is not responding".. I click end now and open up Task Manager.
From there, i manually start explorer.exe but it just all crashes the moment i hit run and i have to reboot.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Callum :)

  skidzy 21:53 08 Oct 2006

Try the system file checker sfc /scannow (note the space) understanding sfc click here

  jimv7 22:04 08 Oct 2006

Try copying the files 1 at a time, untill you find the corrupt file.

  gudgulf 22:10 08 Oct 2006

Can you read all the files whilst still on the DVD?

Can all the files be read correctly on the pc that created the disc....and what happens if you try to drag the files from the dvd to the desktop on that pc?

Is the disc finalised?

Perhaps try copying to a folder in your new My Documents rather than dragging to the desktop.

  calluminmk 22:13 08 Oct 2006

skidzy, will try that tomorrow when i have time to look for the disc.

jimv7, none of them drag, i get the same error

gudgulf, I cant even open them, it just crashes, i have made ner o discs before, and they have worked, just not on this pc. Disc is finalised, yes. I cant even drag them to my documents, i get the old circle with diagonal line cursor.

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