Copying audio CD's

  fazer 13:04 25 Apr 2003

Have recently replaced my computer to something that is using Windows XP and am having a frustrating time working out its various "foibles" (having used W98 before).

Can someone please advise me whether you can copy an audio cd directly to a blank disk as opposed to first copying it the hard drive (via media player)then copying it again to the blank disk.
I've also tried dragging the files across but this only copies "shortcuts" to the tracks to the original CD.

I used to be able to do this under W98 and I am now worried about the loss in quality due to in effect, making a copy of a copy - let alone the time it takes !


  Terrahawk 13:14 25 Apr 2003

if you use a burning program like nero or easy cd creator you should be able to burn disks on the fly cd or dvd rom to cd writer as for quality i would advise not running writer at full speed

  Megatyte 13:39 25 Apr 2003

Copying down through the generations on CD does not degrade the quality in any way as it is digital. A copy from an 100th copy will be identical to the master.


  artist 14:11 25 Apr 2003

XP with Nero Express - You get the option of 'copy entire disc' I've had no trouble doing that at all.

My Computer - click CD RW drive - and click the above option.

Not sure if all CD RW are similar to Nero Express though.

  Andsome 14:38 25 Apr 2003

On my installation of NERO, I get the option to check whether the CD can be copied, and also the recommended copy speed. If you don't have NERO, I would suggest getting it.

In XP if you want to copy other things such as photo's etc you can use the XP facility and drag and drop, without using a program like NERO.

  hssutton 14:57 25 Apr 2003

A lot of people here recommend Nero, but I wonder how many of them have tried ECDC & DVD 6. "Audio Central" "drag to Disk" and "Disk Copier" are extremely good.

  Mango Grummit 14:58 25 Apr 2003

you say "having a frustrating time working out its various "foibles"

Spot on and I found it not to be worth the candle either, with it's PlaySkool approach and 'foibles/quirks. I went back to Me and I suggest you revert to 98 if that's what you were happy with.

Honestly, it is just not worth the effort and for the first time in my experience MicroSoft got it sooooo wrong.

You probably got it with a new machine. Best thing I think when you need a new machine is to get a Bare bones unit and install all your old stuff back on there.

  fazer 18:37 26 Apr 2003

Thank you everyone. I guess the answer is to get Nero or something similar.

Mango Grummit: my thoughts are with you ! I have yet to find any advantage with XP. Another ridiculous thing I've noticed is that all my files under "My Documents" are duplicated - My docucments appear under "desk top" and then again under "C-drive". Not quite sure why or if its taking twice the space. Deleting one entry will also effect the other. Someone mentioned to me that it was due to the fact that by default, XP sets up an account for the user ???? !!

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