This copy of windows must be activated with M$

  Sparkly 21:10 04 Dec 2010

Hi my niece brought round her netbook (Asus Eee PC 1001HA (Seashell)
She kept getting the BSOD and then nothing,I have reinstalled XP the installation went through as normal told the installation the user's name and all installed fine, when the installation finished instead of the user name poping up after the welcome screen it has Owner and when i click it i am told in a box (Windows Product Actvation) This copy of windows must be activated with M$ before you can log on, i click yes (Lets activate windows) box pops up i click yes activate it went throgh the Activate windows and told me thankyou for activating..blah blah and click finish but then im back to (Windows Product Actvation) This copy of windows must be activated with M$ before you can log on and go through it again but this time im told that "Unable to activate online, the activation period has expired, You must activate your computer now to continue useing windows. Never had this before can anyone shed some light on it? What was a straight forward reinstallation has turned into a bigger problem.
PS if i go into safe mode and right click my computer/properties the correct user name is there allso when the xp splash screen comes up no user name just Administrator and Owner.
Intel Atom N270 1.60gh
0.99GB Ram

  rdave13 21:34 04 Dec 2010

Sure it was not a repair install? Have a look at this thread, it might give some clues.
click here

  Ashrich 22:22 04 Dec 2010

Sounds like a parallel installation instead of a repair .....


  Sparkly 08:38 05 Dec 2010

Thanks rdave13 that reads like the problem im getting, called my niece and she has confirmed that a friend did try a repair of windows but that did not work and allso said that he would try something else (dont know what)?
Will give your link a try, if it was a desktop or laptop i would take the drive out and connect it up to one of my others then wipe the drive and start
over with a clean install but it's a silly netbook and does not look easy to get apart and remove it.

Ashrich When i tryed the reinstallation i did delete all other partitions so hopefully no parallel installation.
Thanks guys any other game plans?

  Sparkly 10:38 05 Dec 2010

Well installed SP3 and now windows looks as it is supposed to be but still comeing up as Owner as the user account and when trying to activate windows tells me to call them, there has been no hardware upgrade its a clean installation of XP from an original M$ Disc, but one step closer.
Off out now check back later.

  Batch 12:29 05 Dec 2010

I reinstalled XP Home from scratch on an Acer netbook and also had issue with username of Owner (I used an old XP SP2 Home OEM CD that I had and installed this on a pen drive along with the necessary SATA drivers and then used the pen drive to install XP Home on the netbook, using the XP key from the netbook's own label).

How did you manage to reinstall XP yourself (maybe you have a USB CD drive)?

Anyhow, these are the relevant extracts about Owner from the notes I made at the time:


1. Changed “Owner” username to “Batch” (and checked had admin privileges) . Seemed strange that Owner (and also UserXP?) had been created as I entered Batch as the only user during install.

2. Although username changed to Batch, the folders belonging to Batch still seemed to be Owner. So renamed Batch a/c to a temporary name, create new Batch a/c (with admin privileges) and then delete others (Owner and UserXP) so that folders under Documents and Settings are named Batch as well. Had to redo desktop and start menu ssettings (Windows Classic etc.) for new Batch user.

3. Change Registered User and Registered Owner to Batch and “null” respectively in HLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion (were set to UserXP and Prive). There are still a few references to UserXP and Prive in some Installer / Uninstaller entries in Registry, but have left these.


BTW, having done 2. above, it suggests that 1. was a waste of time.

  Sparkly 16:08 05 Dec 2010

Batch hi(maybe you have a USB CD drive)? Yes external drive.

  Batch 17:29 05 Dec 2010

I know this probably isn't strictly pertinent to the probs you've been having, but when I reinstalled, apart from doing it from a pen drive, the following applied in my case:

- The netbook was brand new. I reinstalled XP as I preferred doing that rather than trying to get rid of all the masses of unwanted gumf that Acer supply.

- I didn't reformat the whole HDD. I left the Acer Recovery hidden partition in place and then split the rest up in to 4 partitions. I did this in case I screwed up completely and could, at least, go back to the original Acer set-up.

- The Acer Recovery partition was the first partition on the HDD (I'd rather expected it to be at the end of the drive, rather than at the beginning) - this caused a prob which I mention later.

- I installed XP to the first partition after the recovery partition.

- After the text mode part of XP install had gone through and the install rebooted to go into GUI mode, got message about missing / corrupt HAL.DLL. This was caused by the boot.ini not pointing to the correct disk partition.

I think this was a combination of two things. Firstly the rdisk (in boot.ini) should have been 0 (meaning the first HDD) rather than 1 (meaning the 2nd HDD). This might have been caused by the USB flash appearing as the first disk and so making the HDD apppear as the second.

Secondly, as the Acer Recovery was on the first partition, Windows was on the 2nd. so the partition needed to be changed from 1 to 2.

I can't quite recall if I fixed this via Recovery Console and/or editing the boot.ini on the pen drive - but I got it working in the end.

So, coming back to the Owner issue, like you I did a clean install and was perplexed by the username issues to say the least.

  GaT7 17:41 05 Dec 2010

If you're unable to solve this, I'd recommend calling them or posting in their forums.

Here's a freephone number regarding activation issues: 08000 188 354
It works on a weekend too if you don't need to speak to a human being (which you may not need). Otherwise it's open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (I think).

And this is the relevant forum to post in for your particular problem: click here after registering via click here.

All the best with it. G

  Sparkly 17:45 05 Dec 2010

Hi Crossbow7
thanks might come to that but giving it one more try after getting SP3 on and looking as it should hopefully it might of straighten things out after the botched repair by her friend, fingers crossed.

  Sparkly 19:19 05 Dec 2010

Crossbow7 gone through a clean install again SP3 installed Lan/audio/wireless all working but still user name call tommorow morning.
Thanks for your links

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