copy transparencies onto a digital camera

  tugtac 09:40 04 Sep 2006

anyone discovered a reasonably cheap way of converting my 100s of transparencies onto a digital camera ( I cannot afford a digital slr).
any suggestions welcome

  dotterel 09:46 04 Sep 2006

You can use a transparency adapter with a scanner, but I don't think that the quality can be very good. Dedicated film scanners exist, but they are expensive. If you contact your local camera club you might find that it has one which can be hired to members.


  Smiler 09:59 04 Sep 2006

You could try projecting them onto a screen and photgraphing them from there. Make sure your flash is turned of and you use a tripod.

  pj123 10:20 04 Sep 2006

Try the Epson 3490 scanner. Amazon have them in stock at £47 with free p&p. (at least that's what is listing)

I use an Epson 3170 (not available now) which gives very good results and have printed up to A5 with no problem. Not exhibition quality but good enough for me.

click here

  Stuartli 10:35 04 Sep 2006

If you have "hundreds" of transparencies (I'm in the same position!) and you feel that it's worth spending around £120 for a high resolution flatbed scanner, then some Canon models (and probably Epson) are available that will scan up to a dozen trannies at a time.

There are cheaper models from the companies - it all depends whether you wish to replicate the (approximate) original film resolution.

The Canon 4200F will scan up to four transparencies and the 8400F up to 12 (about £117 from click here)

  Gongoozler 10:35 04 Sep 2006

I use an Epson 3490 Photo scanner as suggested by Smiler, and I'm amazed at the quality of the scanned colour slides. Admittedly a dedicated slide scanner would probably give better results, but the Epson is very good. I often give the finished picture a tweek of colour balance, brightness, contrast and gamma for optimum results, but the pictures are quite good enough for printing at 8 x 5 inches or projecting in a slide show on a projection monitor.

  Gongoozler 10:37 04 Sep 2006

Sorry - as suggested by pj123.
By the way - the Epson 3490 scans 3 transparencies at a time.

  Gongoozler 10:43 04 Sep 2006

tugtac, if you want to see a typical example of an old slide scanned with the Epson 3490 Photo, contact me via the envelope alongside my nickname, and I'll email it to you. The slide is quite old as I haven't used transparency film for a long time, but it will give you some idea.

  Smiler 14:27 05 Sep 2006

Received an e-mail from hugo which should have been a posting here I think as I don't think it's confidential so can't see why it was sent.

"thanks tried a reflector slide viewer with screen but back lighting too uneven, i think good flat bed will be best by general concensus hugo"

I assume hugo is tugtac.

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