Copy Protection for DVD's

  Geraint J 18:40 20 Sep 2004

Does anyone know how I can copy protect DVD-R discs ? I have spent along time creating an information / video DVD and I am a bit worried about selling copies of it because I dont want people making pirate copies and selling them on. The discs are normal DVD-R 4.7gb.
Thank you

  stalion 18:46 20 Sep 2004

sorry do not think you can do it.Regards

  Mikè 19:16 20 Sep 2004

No you can't do it, commercial dvd's are easily copied, so what chance do you have?

  BBez 19:17 20 Sep 2004

probably not, click here and read this article

  Noleg24 19:19 20 Sep 2004

actaully there are some DVDs that are copy protected..I dont know how they do it...but they must use something to stop them from being copied..I would do a google search and get answers from there..

  Geraint J 19:47 20 Sep 2004

I just want to stop the average PC user making a quick disc to disc copy using Nero for example. I know you cant stop determined PC savy folk

  sype 20:01 20 Sep 2004

i,m a novice and can get past any protection so if the big companys cant protect their disc i dont think you can

  joethebow 20:54 20 Sep 2004

No problem, just search for and download DVD Shrink 3.2.

It's free and it will remove the copy protection. It is not illegal so long as you only use it to make backups of your legaly bought DVD's and do not distribute the copies or sell the original.

  stalion 20:57 20 Sep 2004

Geraint J wants the exact opposite

  B2K 21:04 20 Sep 2004

I think DVD shrink can also add protection to your copies althogh its prob easy to get passed?

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