Copy programs between own pcs

  bludywoman 15:28 29 Dec 2005

Hi - I know that we are not supposed to copy programmes. However, I have bought a laptop with excel, powerpoint, word etc and photoshop on it. I dont have this on my usual desktop pc. I have 'works' that came with my new desktop. For instance, quite often I send people documents that I have typed in works but when they receive docs. they cant open them as works is not compatible with 'word'. Is there any way that I can copy the programmes off my laptop to use on my home is all for my personal use only....only it is a complete pain having two systems.....and I (stupidly) didn't get the original disks with my second hand if it crashes, I can't even reinstall!..anyone got any ideas?

  bremner 15:37 29 Dec 2005

You can not simply copy programs from one computer to another.

When you install Office onto a machine it writes many files to many different places on the disk, Simply copying the folder in Program Files misses all these additional entries.

  wato 15:44 29 Dec 2005

This might seem a bit too simple but you could try to set up a network between the PC and laptop and then use the Laptop as a network server that should enable you to use the programs missing on the PC

Probably the best solution is to enable file Sharing of the file on the Laptop where the program is stored.

  bobbybowls 16:33 29 Dec 2005

if you "save as" your works docs as an .rtf file they will open in word. (use the drop down box in save as)

  pj123 17:07 29 Dec 2005

As bobbybowls says save them as an RTF file or even a TXT file which can then be read by any wordprocessor.

  DieSse 17:29 29 Dec 2005

Better idea

Download and install OpenOffice click here which is free, and MSOffice compatible in most respects, and you then won't even have the *lost CD* worry.

  bludywoman 17:55 29 Dec 2005

...the .rtf extension sounds really handy actually,.....but is there anyway to lift the programmes at all off my laptop and put onto my desktop....would like to especially use my photosuite on my main computer to edit all my photos........have gone into photosuite and copied all the files to disk, and then tried to put them on main pc, but it didn't like there any specific instruction I could use to get ALL the bits required - even for back up purposes for lap top....?....have asked laptop to vendor to send me the disk or a copy for personal use...but as yet no reply!!....any ideas?

  bremner 18:07 29 Dec 2005

No you can not 'lift' the programs.

  bludywoman 18:09 29 Dec 2005

....okay thanks.....what a flippin' nuisance though!...thanks anyway.Alison

  palinka 19:06 29 Dec 2005

I know this isn't your main problem.....but if you write stuff in Works and save it as Rich Text Format (via the options in Save As) your friends with Word will be able to read it without any problems.

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