copy pre loaded O/S onto disk ?

  Ray5776 13:31 28 Oct 2007

I recently bought a PC which came with XP pro pre loaded but no disk, is it possible to make one by copying files onto a CD.
I don`t mean just a startup disk but the complete O/S.
In the past I have always had an O/S disk for my machines so that when they broke I could at least re-install the O/S if needed.

  Ray5776 14:17 28 Oct 2007


  Technotiger 14:19 28 Oct 2007

I would advise Acronis True Image for a Complete backup, to a external USB drive.

  Totally-braindead 14:22 28 Oct 2007

I'm in the same boat myself Technotiger with a friends laptop and was considering doing what you suggested.
My only experience of not getting an OS disk was with a Dell last year and a HP I think it was earlier this year and both came with instructions for burning a copy of the OS. This one doesn't, I've sent them an email asking for suggestions as I hate not having a backup.

  Technotiger 14:25 28 Oct 2007

Hi friend, yes I would go ahead with ATI as above.

  Totally-braindead 14:28 28 Oct 2007

Just had a thought. Seagate Disk Wizard which is free works with Seagate Drives and Maxtor (I believe) and if your computer has a Seagate or Maxtor you might be able to use that.
I can't as the laptop doesn't have those makes of drives.

  RickH0684 14:28 28 Oct 2007

Depending on who the brand of the computer there should be software installed to create a set of discs that will restore the computer back to manufactures build. When i bought my computer the software use to bug me to make them but i also had discs, hunt around ya "Programs" directory on the Start menu and see what ya can find,

hope this helps

  Graham. 14:40 28 Oct 2007

No, it is not possible to copy the OS in this way. Did you get a product license key? If you have that, you could use a borrowed XP CD.

  Totally-braindead 14:50 28 Oct 2007

Graham I have to disagree if I pick up what you mean correctly. It is possible. In fact the 2 PCs I looked at recently both had icons on the desktop for doing this IE making up restore disks which are full backups of the system.
Acronis Drive Image will also do this.
What I am hoping is that there is a way of doing this without Acronis or the manufacturers provided software as the laptop I'm looking at is Vista and my Acronis Drive Image is 7 I think and doesn't work with Vista.
I don't know if Ray5776 is in the same boat as me or not.

  FungusBoggieman 14:59 28 Oct 2007

if you can get hold of a xp disc slipstreaming might be a good idea its simple to do and it will save reloading sp2 aswell
click here

  Squirrel1 15:14 28 Oct 2007

I have come across some machines that do not come with a OS disk. Instead the OS recovery files etc.. Are located on a hidden partion on the HDD which is accessed by pressing a key (F10 or similar) during start-up.

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