Copy photos to DVD

  roygbiv 17:36 07 May 2007

I have been copying photos on to CD, via the copy to CD (on XP).
Now I have an external DVD writer, but cant seem to get the photos, on to the writer??
If I use the Nero back up- the disc shows files, that are not reconisable.

Using the "copy to CD" windows XP has been very good/easy. Is there a way to change the destination drive?? (from CD to DVD??)..Alan

  eedcam 17:40 07 May 2007

Try using nerovision express and do it as a slideshow

  pj123 17:47 07 May 2007

I don't have a problem with that.

Windows XP cannot write to DVD, only CD. You will need something like Nero (at least version 6) to write to DVD.

You don't need to do "backup". All you do is put a blank DVD in and make a "Data Disk" then just drag and drop the files you need on to the DVD. Make sure you use the DVD as Multisession so that you can add to it as you go along.

What version of Nero do you have?

  roygbiv 17:55 07 May 2007

Its Nero 6

when I do it that way NONE of the "shared Pictures" show up ??

  pj123 18:48 07 May 2007

Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "shared Pictures"???

Where are your pictures stored?

  roygbiv 19:24 07 May 2007

On XP, I have "MY Pictures - Shared Pictures. Its on all XP machines that I have seen.

My Pictures shows up, but I dont want to "back up" the whole file ??

  MAJ 19:28 07 May 2007

Nope, 'shared pictures' isn't on mine. Take the pictures out of that folder first, roygbiv, then try again.

  jack 19:56 07 May 2007

Down load CDBurnerXPPro[google for it]
or May issue PCA Cover DVD
A FREE program that is very effective and simpler to use than Nero IMHO

  roygbiv 21:06 07 May 2007

I managed to do it, by copying the photos over to "My Pictures" (from, Shared Pictures) and then Burning a "Data" DVD

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