Copy and Paste from Web into Excel

  graham√ 20:25 20 May 2003

I'm trying to copy and paste the Sky channels from click here into Excel. The problem is the data extends over several columns, no matter how wide I make column A. Can I manipulate this data so it is in only one column; or better still, two, so that column A= '101', column B= 'BBC ONE', etc.

  Pesala 20:36 20 May 2003

The columns are separated only by spaces.

Cut and paste into your Wordy processor, then search and replace spaces with tabs. That might do what you want. Some clever wordy processors can search digit space, I think. If so that will overcome the problem of spaces between words. Otherwise have to do a confirmed replace operaton.

Have fun. Just think of all those Sky TV programs you are missing while doing that.

  graham√ 20:51 20 May 2003

Right, I've pasted into Word, what do I do now, please?

  otubby1 20:59 20 May 2003

Precisely which bit is it you are trying to copy and paste and I'll have a go.

  VoG™ 21:02 20 May 2003

You can copy and paste into a single column in Excel (I've just done it).

Then select the column, Data/Text to Columns and follow the wizard to separate the station name from the channel number.

  graham√ 21:04 20 May 2003

Thanks, it's the channels starting at '101 BBC ONE'. Once I can do a few I'll be OK.

  jazzypop 21:11 20 May 2003

A method is to copy from the site, then paste into something like Notepad. Save the file as something like skytv.txt.

Now open Excel, choose File > Open, and change the 'Files of type' drop-down box to read Text Files. Select skytv.txt, and you are presented with various options about how each column of data is separated.

On the first option box, make sure that 'delimited' is selected. On the next box, make sure that 'space' is ticked as a delimiter.

Click finish, and everything that is separated by a space ends up in a separate column, something like

101 BBC1 England

102 BBC2 England

103 BBC3

104 Channel 4

If you want the numbers in one column, and all the text in another, you will need to go through the skytv.txt file and put a Tab between the numbers and the text (i.e. between '101' and 'BBC1 England'), and when you get to the delimiters option in Excel, tick the Tab box, but leave the other options, including the Space option, unticked.

Only you can decide if this is worthwhile or not :)

  graham√ 21:17 20 May 2003

Now that sounds promising! Thanks all, got to open the bar now, I'll be back in the morning.

  otubby1 22:16 20 May 2003

Is it just a list you want, like:

101 BBC ONE England
102 BBC TWO England
103 ITV
104 Channel 4
105 Channel 5
106 Sky One
109 UK Gold

Because if that is the case, once you have copied them, paste from the edit menu into 1A. Then put the cursor on the line running down the edge of column 1 until it is a cross with arrowheads to the left and right. Double click, and the column expands to the width of the longest text string.

I hope this is of some help.

  otubby1 22:19 20 May 2003

Sorry about that, I should have had a list like Jazzypop but I forgot to hit the return twice for each line. The method is the same though.

  graham√ 11:04 21 May 2003

Thanks for all the responses, jazzypop's proved to be the one I could do, once I found out what a 'tab' was!

VoG™, don't know how you did it, must have a different browser or summat.

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