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  fifty-and-some 18:11 12 Mar 2012

What is the difference between backup & copy for backing up programs?

Say with Microsoft Office 2007 can I just copy it to an external hard disk, or burn to a DVD?

If I copy and need to copy back or back up and restore does it recognise the computer it’s going to, or does this count as 2 of three downloads?

If backup program is required, any recommendations please.

  Ian in Northampton 18:18 12 Mar 2012

If you're talking about the installation executable files - i.e. what you run when you install the software - you can do pretty much as you wish. I have copies of e.g. Office saved to an external hard drive and to a couple of DVDs as well, just for safety. Backing up/copying (there's really no difference) your programs in this manner is entirely legal and doesn't count as an installation. And, in fact, absolutely should be done.

  robin_x 19:23 12 Mar 2012

If you just select all files and folders on a CD/DVD and copy to a folder on your hard drive, you may miss ones that are marked as Hidden or System.

You can make sure by enabling in Windows Explorer>Tools>Folder Options>View.

In fact, for Office, it is more convenient to Install from your hard drive instead of the CD/DVD.

It doesn't prompt to insert the disc when it needs an occasional extra file, or if running a repair. It's quicker too.

To make extra backup copies of CD/DVDs as well, use Imgburn, for example.

Select 'Create Image File from Disc' to get a single .iso file.

Remove the disc and pop a blank one in.

'Write Image File to Disc'

Imgburn automatically copies everything. Hidden, system and boot information on the disc.

  lotvic 19:24 12 Mar 2012

I use Acronis True Image for backing up my C: drive that's the Op Sys and all installed programs and their settings. That way I don't have to start from scratch tweaking settings and email accounts and can be back up and running in half an hour.

For my personal docs that I have on a separate HDD I now just do a straight copy of My Documents onto an external HDD and some of my photos etc I burn to CD/DVD as well.

Like Ian in Northampton does I also have copies of programs (and a note of their product keys) should I ever want to just reinstall a single program.

  lotvic 19:35 12 Mar 2012

If you want a copy of Office 2007 already as an .iso that you can use your own product key with go to this site for the official microsoft office-2007-direct-download-links that won't count as any download allowance (I presume you mean your account with microsoft?) that you mention in your first post.

Scroll about halfway down the page of the links to the .iso's for English(USA) versions

  john bunyan 19:36 12 Mar 2012

I do the same as lotvic.My data is actually on a separate partition and I use Freefilesynch to make frequent mirror image copies of the whole folder to another drive.

  lotvic 19:47 12 Mar 2012

and I made a typo, that should be the .exe not an .iso for the office2007 downloads. sorry about that I was thinking of the W7 downloads which are .iso's

so after you have downloaded the .exe then you can burn to DVD or just save the exe elsewhere.

jb, Freefilesynch sounds good will have a look at that.

  john bunyan 21:24 12 Mar 2012

lotvic I like it - very similar to SynchToy.I have all data under a master folder: My Documents, with sub and sub sub folders like in XP (My Word Docs, My Pictures, My PDF files, My music etc and even My Outlook). You create a copy of the "left hand" My Documents folder from my data partition to a mirror image on the right hand identical folder -in my case on a second, removable caddy mounted drive. The first time takes a long time but after that only the changed or deleted files change so subsequent mirrors are very quick.

  lotvic 22:25 12 Mar 2012

john bunyan, thanks for details, sounds just the job :)

fifty-and-some how are you getting on with understanding all the advice offerings? anything take your fancy yet?

  fifty-and-some 17:55 13 Mar 2012

Thank you for the help, I am still uncertain where I am.

I burnt Office 2007 from C:\ to disc.

Also copied it to external hard drive. Getting the message errors occurred, a report has been sent. What that means? I hope not logged as installing to 2nd pc.

I appreciate that a backup program coping all files .exe & hidden has advantages.

Should I need to reload operating system, or upgrade.

Do I just copy it back? Will it then require the installation disc to supply missing files, without consider this a 2nd installation?

In the case of upgrade would it consider this a 2nd installation?

robinofloxley says In fact, for Office, it is more convenient to Install from your hard drive instead of the CD/DVD. How would this work, just copy the installation disc to C; \ Is it to late now installed from disc?

I use a Maxtor external HD with backup program for data files, but with 10 generations of backup, it is a bit much for program files.

  robin_x 18:39 13 Mar 2012

Did you just burn all the files in, say, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ ?

That does not work. It has to be installed with the files from the Install Disc.

That can be done with the Install Disc or a copy of the Install Disc (on the main drive).

Installation then creates the Program Files folder with everything necessary for that computer only.

You can install as many times as you want on the same computer. ie if the Install went wrong or disc got corrupted.

If you want to install on another computer, you need to install again.

If you have a Single User Licence, you need to buy another licence then. Or uninstall the other computer.

If you have a Family Licence, it covers three computers.

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