Copy Operating System

  manrow 09:51 21 Mar 2008

Do I have to buy a software programme so that I can copy my operating system from one hard drive to another?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:56 21 Mar 2008

click here IMHO the best and you can get earlier versions very cheaply.


  Graham. 10:02 21 Mar 2008

Some hard drives come with software to do this.

  manrow 10:08 21 Mar 2008

Thanks Graham, how do I find out if mine has?

  pj123 12:00 21 Mar 2008

What O/S are you using?

What make and capacity hard drives do you have.

I use on of two programs to clone my hard drive, both free.

xxclone from click here


Maxblast 5 (if you have a Maxtor/Seagate drive) from
click here

  Graham. 13:26 21 Mar 2008

If you are buying a new drive, it will come with a CD if software is included.

  manrow 14:27 21 Mar 2008

Another question here then!

If I only wish to copy the operating system from a laptop, is that likely to fit on a 4.7Gb dvd?

  pj123 14:59 21 Mar 2008

You can't actually "copy" the operating system to anywhere.

It is spread about all over your hard disk.

All you can do is "clone" it, and no, it won't fit on a DVD.

  manrow 10:02 22 Mar 2008

Thanks pj123

Sound as though I have to copy or clone the whole HD, is that correct?

Or preferably copy as much as I can to DVDs thereby reducing the amount needed to clone?

  David4637 12:05 23 Mar 2008

You have cloned your OS, say XP is on a partition/saved to a DVD. Your OS crashes so windows can not boot up, how do you install the xxclone files you have on say a partion, DVD or external HD? Thanks David

  DieSse 12:32 23 Mar 2008

You clone it back again.

You can't clone to a DVD.

You can "image" to a DVD, partition, or external drive. This is much better in some ways. Firstly there's a simple restore procedure, secondly the image is compressed, so takes up less space (half to two-thirds typically). Plus you can mount an Acronis image and extract files from it, just as from any kind of copy.

Acronis wins hands down for me. If you have a Seagate or Maxtor drive in your system, you can get a free download of Seagate Disk Wizard, or the Maxtor equivalent, which is a cut-down version of Acronis, which does the basics fine.

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