copy from one disk to another

  User-178362 06:53 15 Dec 2005

I have one disk drive. I have borrowed a disk containing post codes and would like to copy the disk onto another disk so I can keep it for my self. I will have to take it back today can any one help please.

  Sharpamatt 07:29 15 Dec 2005

copy the disc to a folder ( which you can creat on your desktop0. then copy those files to Cd. provided there is no copy protection on the original disc you should have no problems. You can after ensuring this has worked deleat the folder you created

  User-178362 08:19 15 Dec 2005

I do not know how to copy to a folder. I have xp

  Sharpamatt 08:36 15 Dec 2005

to creat a folder on your desktop point the mouse to any open space right clic and select new, then folder

Then go to the computer icon on your desktop and open it ( double left click ), single click on your Cd Icon Left button then right button and select open. This will display everything on the disc.

Go to edit ( top bar ) and click on select all, then on left hand side there is an option to copy selected items click on that, a box will open which you find the folder you earlier created. double left click and wait untill its copied

  User-178362 08:54 15 Dec 2005

I have now copied the disk. Thank you. Is it possible to send it in an email to give to someone eles? There are 96 pages with print on both sides?

  Sharpamatt 09:02 15 Dec 2005

You can always try but I think you will find its to large, there programs that will allow splitting the number of pages.

If you have programs that allow you to open a document and email it its possable but I would advise sp;itting

You could also try programs such a Win Rar that will compress and e mail

Dont forget if you have a DVD player on your system as well as your CD writer you could have put the CD in that and copied direct

  Diemmess 09:04 15 Dec 2005

It is possible.
A lot will depend on the size of the file in that folder, and possibly whether it is a Word Document or something more complicated.

The simplest way is to "attach" the file to an ordinary e-mail message to your friend. However some ISPs have a limit on file size. Try it anyway and if it won't go through, come back here with a little more detail of the file (its size and file type).

  Sharpamatt 09:04 15 Dec 2005

Dont forget once you have solved this problem tick the resolved box

  jack 09:13 15 Dec 2005

Copy the File to CD and Snailmail the CD to recipient
this will save E-mail complications you end and theirs and all in between

  User-178362 15:56 15 Dec 2005

Thank you everyone. I think I will forget about about sending by email. As suggested I can always copy and mail by post

  wee eddie 16:41 15 Dec 2005

Otherwise none of us would buy the software.

We'd just swap it around.

What you are trying to do is, almost certainly, breaking some form of EULA or Copyright Agreement

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