copy old opperating system xp to new HD

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:25 13 Sep 2005

I dont know if this subjuct has been covered before and I cannot see any other treads relateing to it but my problem is my HD has become niosey possibley getting ready ot go kuput maybe, If I buy a new HD is it possible and how step by step instuctions wouldn`t go amiss to copy all my factory settings and windows xp over so it will boot as normal to xp as I dont want to go out and buy xp again and have to go throught all the format and new install prosses and I wont loose all my data aswell thanks

  Strawballs 17:33 13 Sep 2005

If you use a program such as norton ghost or one of the other ones that do the same thing you can do an exact copy of one hard drive straight to another

  Diemmess 17:34 13 Sep 2005

You will have to buy a recent version of Ghost or its rivals.

Such a program will make an exact image of your C:drive and save it on another HD.

There's a snag, you need another data store...... preferably on a HD partition though it can be done with CDs....... It must not be the new HD or the partition you intend to target when this image is "restored" to it.

Restoration will wipe the target drive clear of any previous data.

The instructions come with the program.

  pj123 17:35 13 Sep 2005

Give this a look. click here

I have Win 98SE and I always use xcopy to clone my hard disk to another. But xcopy doesn't work with XP. xxcopy should work with XP and also this one click here should work with XP.

  rawprawn 17:44 13 Sep 2005

What pj123 says is right, but there can be complications. I have a Dell and I was never able to "Clone" my old drive because of the way the old OEM XP was loaded.In my opinion depending on your computer, you would be better doing a clean install from your XP disc onto your new HDD and reinstalling your applications,then install your old HDD as slave and copy all your data accross.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:59 13 Sep 2005

Used XXcopy to clone hard drve no problems also used it to copy the clone back to the main hard drive after a major crash to due spyware from my daughters chat lines.

  phil46 19:33 13 Sep 2005

I use Westen digital drives [NOT SATA] on the floppy that comes with the drive you can do a drive to drive copy never failed on me including
OEM versions of any Windows OS.

  phil46 19:35 13 Sep 2005

Forgot to say you can copy from any make of drive to a WD one.

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