copy music files to dvd rather than cd

  micemews 20:57 13 Jun 2008

Thanks to the help from readers of this helproom I have managed to copy a music cassette tape (both sides of the tape)to my hard drive into one file. I have Nero 6 and I know how to burn this file to a cd but this file is too big to fit on a cd and therefore I should be pleased if anyone could tell me if it is possible to burn it to a dvd.

  mrwoowoo 21:13 13 Jun 2008

If you have a dvd writer,then you just burn it the same way.
Just make sure you select dvd first in Nero.

  eedcam 22:50 13 Jun 2008

Only if you just want to play it on the pc .The files will be saved just as they are .If youintend to do alot of this try Audio dvd creator not fre bu very good you can put loads of god quality not mp3 compressed stuff and it willplay as proper dvd with titles and tracks click here

  Stuartli 00:03 14 Jun 2008

Another point is that if you use a DVD, to save wasting disk space you should use it in Multisession mode.

You can then keep adding music files until the disk is full (always make sure that you Save the folder between each Multisession otherwise you may/will have problems).

Nero asks if you wish to Save the folder...:-)

  micemews 16:03 14 Jun 2008

Thanks everyone for your advice. I don't think I made myself clear as to what I was trying to do. I have copied both side of a cassette tape to my hard drive but the file is too large (about 90 minutes music)to burn to a single cd and I was hoping that as the capacity stated on a dvd is 4.7 gb I could burn the whole file on it and be able to play it on the cd player in my car. It may be that eedcam has said that this can't be done but I would be very grateful for confirmation or otherwise of this.

  Weskit 16:20 14 Jun 2008

You could try it but I very much doubt that your car CD player will play a DVD, or MP3 tracks on a CD. Why not burn as Wave files to two CDs?

  Stuartli 16:28 14 Jun 2008

No CD player will reproduce anything from a DVD - the laser wavelength is different to that of DVD.

Your car CD player, if reasonably recent, may well be able to reproduce MP3 tracks from a CD-R disk; check with the manual, but don't use CD-RW disks as these are difficult for many players to read as they are not as reflective.

Another option, of course, is to use more than one blank CD-R - you should comfortably get your 90 minutes of music split between two disks.

  micemews 16:34 14 Jun 2008

Thanks Weskit and Stuartli you have both confirmed what I thought eedcam had said, that a dvd will not play in my cd player. I will just have to use two cds.

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