copy music cd to cd-r for own use compilation how?

  frior-one 10:40 26 Jun 2003

I have a cd drive and a cd-rw drive. how do i copy from 1 drive to another? i tried copy and paste but the windows media player on home xp did not recognize the file. do i need other software, if so any free versions. this will probably have been answered before but i couold not find it in the search (obviously not entering right info..garbage in garbage out) as we say in the trade !

  mole44 11:04 26 Jun 2003

its easy but unless you have the copyrights permision illegal.there you have it.if you want to know how to think laterally,and don`t rip into me for being obstructive.there i`ve given the game away.

  -pops- 11:10 26 Jun 2003

The CD burner installed with XP is basic, to say the least. You need dedicated software to be able to do any CD or DVD burning over and above the most simple. Nero or Roxio ECCD are the ones most people use.

I should draw your attention to part of the Site Policy though:

"'Cracks' or copyright infringement - we do not permit the posting of information that will enable other people to use pirated software or to evade the copyright laws.

Bear in mind as well that many (most?) commercial CDs have copy protection which renders copied disks useless.


  Belatucadrus 11:11 26 Jun 2003

click here is a useful alternative to packages like nero.

  sil_ver 11:20 26 Jun 2003

Surely it's not illegal (yet) to make a compilation from your own, bought and paid for, CDs for your own use. Come on chaps/chapesses let's not get paranoid.

  -pops- 11:34 26 Jun 2003

Please don't encourage this debate yet again. I stated the site policy on this no more, no less.

As far as I'm concerned, you can do whatever you want with your own computer and I have no interest whether you break the law of not, just as long as it doesn't involve me. It's up to you and your own moral values.


  hellred 21:37 27 Jun 2003

Copy the CD to the media player first, then you can select a track at a time and write to a CD all within XP, no additional software needed !!

And yes if this is for your own use you are entitled ( called FAIR USE )

  Quiller. 21:59 27 Jun 2003

Has there not been reference to this in the PCA mag. I am sure it was stated that making a backup of your disk was perfectly reasonable. Can this not only constitute burning your own complication and what about all the features about MP3.

As hellred fairly says "God in heaven", chill out man.

You can send the copyright squad around to my house as I make at least 3 copies of all my music C|D's. I store the original for safe keeping. Keep one in the car, one for the gym and one for the stereo. Oh and I have them copied to my hard drive.

If I am paying £10-£20 for a music C\D ain't I allowed to listen to it.

Or would the music industry prefer I buy 3 dodgy copies of the market.

  keenan 22:25 27 Jun 2003

how long have we been recording our favourite t.v programs etc for on vhs tape.

isn,t it simply the format has changed.

  Sir Radfordin 22:30 27 Jun 2003

Just because its been going on doesn't make it legal!

Copyright is there to protect us all, just because you don't make use of it doesn't mean others don't.

TV progs. can only be kept for a short time (legaly) if they have been recorded off the TV.

As for the question, use something like WMP to rip the CD to your hard drive and then burn the files back using Windows XP or Nero or similar in the order you want.

  rins36 22:44 27 Jun 2003


Just been on your click here & i assume that this can be used with WINXP Home edition


must admit that i also make copies of cd's, one for the car & one for the lads, keeping the original safe just in case the lads scratch their copy or the cd player in the car gets nicked. If the prices of cd's were cheaper then we would not have to make copies, we could buy the original time after time

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