copy itunes music from pc to ext h/d- help please!

  eh? 20:17 08 Jan 2007

I need help to transfer itunes music from a pc to an external usb hard drive, with a view to putting it on another pc eventually. My friend asked me to do it, and I thought it would be 'easy' but as nothing is ever easy in computer land, I am stuck. I think I have managed to copy (dont ask me how) some songs, but when I try to open them on the ext hard drive they have a file extn thats not recognised by windows.
I searched on google for a way to do it and tried to follow instructions, but got a bit lost. I would like to start again, so if anyone can tell me the easiest way I would be very grateful!!

  kev-a 22:22 08 Jan 2007

What format are your itunes in.
I have mp3 and m4a and have no problems opening them from an external drive in Winamp after transfer from itunes.

  eh? 22:47 08 Jan 2007

Umm, I don't know what format they are in - how do I find out? I reckon mp3, as they are from an ipod??? Sorry to be dumb, am not very conversant with itunes/ipods/mp3 and the likes ! And do I just download winamp? Is it a free application? I wish I hadnt said I would do this now!

  kev-a 19:53 09 Jan 2007

Ok, Click on the CLICK HERE below, Then click on download, Then pick any of the three servers (1,2,or 3). Then click SAVE and select a destination that you are familiar with because you need to find it after the download completes.
(Eg My Documents)
When the download has completed navigate to where you saved it and right click on the download and select whatever you use as Anti Virus/Spyware and scan the folder Before you open it to make sure it's clean.
Then open it and Run to install.
Hopefully when it's installed you can navigate to your ext drive right click on a trake and from the drop down select play in WINAMP.
Please forgive me if i have over simplified these instructions..
Good luck :))

PS Winamp will play whatever format itunes are stored as.
click here

  Kate B 20:20 09 Jan 2007

Go to My Computer, navigate to iTunes music, drag the folder on to your USB hard drive. When you get your new PC, install iTunes, then navigate to your USB hard drive and drag the folder to (I think - I haven't got a PC with iTunes on it handy to check) my documents/my music/itunes/ There will already be a folder called iTunes music there, dragging your folder from your USB drive will replace it.

  eh? 21:43 09 Jan 2007

ratboyblues and Kate B

Thank you to you both.
I am going to attempt it now, so I may be back!

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